i have a japanese promo charizard card with a little ligthing bolt in
the bottom right hand corner under the picture have you seen this
before. do you know how much it is worth. thank you

Excellent Question.  The Charizard you speak of comes from one of the Japanese CD's.  This CD contains 10 Promos:

Venusaur (identical to the base set)
Charizard (identical to the base set)
Blastoise (identical to the base set)
Porygon (identical to Cool Porygon)
Snorlax (no equivalent)
Arcanine (identical to the Promo Arcanine)
"The Machine Goes Nuts" (No equivalent)
Mew (no equivalent)
Mewtwo (identical to the Nintendo Power Mewtwo)
Super Energy Retreival (identical to the Neo Card)

Only the first 3 have the lightning bolt symbol.  The Mew and Mewtwo both have black and white Pokeball symbols.  The Machine goes Nuts has an "R" symbol (I can not explain that logic).  The rest do not have a symbol.

The CD runs around $75-$80, with the individual cards selling for a lot more than the whole.