I have a NEO Card #160, but it has a different picture and attack than
the one you have pictured in the Pokedex.  Its a blue dragon facing the
right, as you look at it.  Its attack does 50 damage and requires 4
water energy.  Its 2.3 m and 88.8 kg.  I am very new to NEO so I'm
confused why my NEO 160 doesn't look like your NEO 160.

If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
Stephanie Kessler

Stephanie, what you have is the "real" Neo #160.  The card in the Pokedex is the Promo card.  There was a 9 card promo sheet, as well as a 2 card "Evil" Promo set both released.  Of those 11 cards, only the "Evil Energy" is equivalent to the Neo pack version.  The other 10 are different from the ones you pull from packs.