Hey Pojo, your site rocks.  I was hoping I could get an answer to a small question.  Recently, I went to my not-so-local Hobby Shop and bought a trainer card that they called "Imakuni's Suggestion" And on a little label they put on, they had in parentheses "Okay to cheat!".  One of the guys there said that it was a rare series 3 vending card and that the description they got was that it allows you to cheat.  I don't have a scanner, but the card looks incredibly weird. . .the card looks like a kid drew it!  Everything on the card is wavy (not a straight line) and it has a picture of Imakuni smiling, sitting on a green couch (?), with a flower pot with two pinkish flowers to his left sitting on a purple table.  To his right is part of a picture, which is a picture of a multicolored face.  The weirdest part is the back of it.  It has a picture of Clefairy, Diglett, Squirtle, Pikachu, Charmander, Mew and Bulbasaur all in a circle on top of a circle that says, "Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game".  Some bold, red japanese text is right below it.  Can you tell me anything about this card?
Justin Smith

Well, I don't really know how rare this card is.  It is obtainable from the Vending Sheets, series 3.  As far as cheating goes, I could not tell you, as I have not seen a translation on it.  As far as the backs go (with the Squritle, Pikachu, etc...), all Series 3 Vending Sheets had 3 Pokemon cards and one "extra" card with that backing.  It's on all the series 3.  Value-wise it would only be a couple dollars or so.


*Added note from a reader*

I read a message from Justin Smith on the Collector's Corner regarding the odd card he got. The red Japanese text he's referring to means "This card is forbidden in tournament play".