Hi, I have a question to ask.  I know that you are very busy, but please please answer this question : Are there any fake pokemon cards ? If there are, how do you tell fakes from original.  Thank you for answering.

Are there fakes?  Absolutely.  The market has been pretty flooded with them.  Here are the three good rules to being able to tell fakes:

#1 - If it's a holo, and it just looks REAL weird, then it's probably fake. 

#2 - Do the light test.  Take a card you know is good and hold it right up to the light.  You should not be able to see through it at all.  Then take the card in question.  If you can see through it, like it's a little transparent, then you have yourself a fake

#3 - Check for graininess.  The text on fakes are often pretty grainy.  If you look closely, you can see the dots.  If you can, then once again, you have a fake.

Hope this helps out a little bit!