Hi!  My kids collect Pokemon cards, and right now we were collecting the
promos.  But, my question for you is this, we noticed that on your site there
is no number 19 promo.  Also, we received the special Psyduck promo that, as
I was told, would only be given out to those who completely fill-out the
second league book.  However, I noticed that there is a number 20 in the
cormer of the card.  When I looked on your site again, it says that the
Ancient Mew card is the number 20 card.  If you could clear this up for me,
I'd really appreciate it.  I've sent u a copy of the Psyduck card that I had
mentioned so that you could look at it.  Thanx so much for your help!  By the
way...I Love Your Site...Keep Up The Good Work!

Okay.  First of all, Promo 19 is the Sabrina's Abra.  This is the same as the 40HP Sabrina's Abra from Gym Challenge, only with different art.

Psyduck is #20, and is functionally the same as the fossil Psyduck, again with different art.

Ancient Mew is considered an unnumbered Promo card.