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Date: Sunday, March 12, 2000 1:08 AM
Subject: Pokemon Deck Question

>    My question is about double colorless.  Do they provide colorless or any
>type of energy?  I have been told mixed answers from my friends and my Gym
>Leader.  I'm confused.  Please, can you answer my question and send proof
>that it really is the right answer.  Thank you so much!
>Thanks again,
>Julie Huniu
>Email address:Lhuniu@CS.com
One thing the Pokemon the TCG is really good about is that you can often read the cards literally and understand their meaning.  Unlike some other TCGs out there, with Pokemon, you often get what you see.  Double Colorless is a prime example of this.  I have heard many times of people using a double colorless energy to be two of one color.  This is just not correct.  Breaking it down, the title is very self explanitory.
Double, meaning two
Colorless, meaning without color.
So, put it together, and we have two without color.
To directly answer your question, you can only use it to satisfy non-colored energy costs.  Don;t worry - this is a common misunderstanding.
Scott Gerhardt