Hi Pojo,
  I've got a confusing question about Ditto's energies. The card states, "You may treat energy on Ditto as energy of any type". I was wondering, if I added say a water energy on Ditto and Ditto was Poisoned, could I say the energy was a Full Heal energy and take the posion off? Or use it as a Potion Energy to take off a damage counter? Or a Double Colorless Energy? Thanks!

PS Great site!                            Jimmy

Well, the logic is kinda flawed here for two reasons:

#1 - On Full Heal and Potion Energy, it had the effect when it is played from you hand.  By the time it is on Ditto and can become any kind of energy, it is already on Ditto and out of the hand, thus nullifying any chance for an effect.

#2 - It says "any kind of energy", not "any kind of energy card".  Right now, there are only 7 types of energy: Grass, Water, Fighting, Electric, Psychic, Fire, and Colorless.  It must be one of those 7.