Transform: if ditto is your active pokemon, treat it as if it were the same card as the defending pokemon, including type, hit points, weakness, and so on, except ditto canít evolve, always has this pokemon power, and you may treat any energy attached to ditto as energy of any type. Ditto isnít a copy of any other pokemon while ditto is asleep, confused, or paralyzed.

It says that you may treat any energy attashed to ditto as energy of any type, so I was wondering if that could count as steel energy or evil energy.


You know, I knew eventually someone was going to write in with this question and eventually I was going to have to answer it.

First of all, I have to say that this ruling is being based on the translations I have, which should be the ones commonly used.  When the cards are released in English, the wording may or may not be different.

Yes, Ditto MAY declare any/all of the energy on him to be Steel or Evil energy.  There is a "but", though. 

On the cards "Steel Energy" and "Evil Energy", they provide for an additional stipulation, involving addition or subtraction of damage for each of these energy cards.  From the translations I have seen, it is the property of the card, not property of the energy itself that gives the bonuses. 

So, you can make it that type of energy, but do not gain the benefits that the corresponding energy cards provide.