I know this is wrong, but I figure if some people see it in print, then it will be enough proof for them.
In the Game Boy, their rules state you can not attack your opponent if they have successfully used agility.
This came up at the League.
The game next to me went like so.  Ditto versus a Fearow.  Ditto used agility and flipped heads.  Fearow then used agility and flipped heads.
When asked for a ruling, I said that Ditto takes no damage, but can not do damage to Fearow on his turn.
After being insulted, he forfeited and said I was wrong.
Which brings me to my next question.  Can one become an official judge through WIzard's?  If so , how is this done?

He can be insulted all he wants, but he is wrong.  Agility's ability is that it will prevent all effects of attacks done to the pokemon  Using an attack which can yield the Agility effect is NOT doing anything to that Pokemon, and thus is good.  You, as you know, made the right ruling.

WotC has no official judge program despite my constant badgering of them to get one.