Sup again. I'm back with another deck. =D Let's take a look at what we have...


I created this deck and it works very well but I was hopeing to make it faster.  Can you help?  I came up with the idea of the deck after hearing of Wizards new MMF.  I had created an energy conservation/power on speed deck.  It is usually Neo Kubutops or skiploom and Jumpluff for the kill 3rd turn.  Now that you know how it works here is my deck:

9th Turn Kill


3x Dratini
2x Dark Dragonair
2x Doduo
2x Dodrio
3x Hoppip
2x Skiploom
1x Jumpluff(Genesis)
3x Tyrogue
2x Kabuto
1x Kabutops (neo)

2x Potion
3x Pokeball
2x Super Rod
3x Bill
3x Professor Elm
3x Berry
2x The Boss's Way
3x Pokemon March
2x Mysterious Fossil
2x Fossil Egg

6x Grass Energy
7x Fighting Energy

Thank you and please reply to this letter.

Joshua Ollie

Sup Joshua. How's the family? =/ This deck needs mad tweakage, so let us begin.

You shouldn't play more than 2 family lines, and even then it is somewhat complicated. Drop all the lines besides Kabutops and 1 Tyrogue. This deck will be a somewhat normal Kabutops deck...err...=\ This gives us 16 spots. Wow. [BTW, since you usually don't see Kabutops decks around, this might be a little off, but workable.] Plus, Steelix will be played. So...that's a plus. =)

Anyway, add in 2 more Kabutops and 1 more Kabuto. Neo of course. -_- Then, add in 3 Steelix and 3 SI Onix. If you can't find any SI Onix, just fall back onto the Neo: Genesis one. THEN! add in 3 Cleffa, 2 Pichu, and 2 Igglybuff. Pichu and Igglybuff are for Slowking, because Slowking can mess this deck up BADLY with his denial of Trainers. Also, since we're playing a low basic count, Pichu/Cleffa/Igglybuff is kind of necessary. =/ 3 Cleffa is...well, do you need to think about it?
Steelix covers Kabutops' weakness (Note: Grass), and Kabutops covers Steelix's weakness (Note: Fire =\). Somewhat of a synergy going on. This deck CAN make a comeback, with the appropiate changes of course. ;x

Pokémon: 19
3 Cleffa
3 Kabutops
3 Kabuto
3 Steelix
3 Onix (SI/NG)
2 Pichu
2 Igglybuff

Now, to the Energy. You need to drop all that Grass Energy. Then, add in 4 Metal Energy, and add in 2 Recycle Energy, and 2 Full Heal Energy. The Recycle is for retreating or when you want to use a baby, and the FHE is for status most of the time.

Energy: 15
7 Fighting Energy
4 Metal Energy
2 Full Heal Energy
2 Recycle Energy

Now for the Trainers. w00t. Drop Potion, PokéBall, Super Rod, Berry, The Boss' Way, and Pokémon March. That gives us a WHOPPING 15 spaces to work with. Add in one more Fossil Egg and one more Mysterious Fossil. You have more than enough ways to get Kabutops out now. :p Then, add in one more Professor Elm, as well as with Bill. Then, you have to add some essentials, like 3 Pokémon Trader, 3 Double Gust, 4 Gold Berry, one Stadium card (preferably Healing Fields), then a single Time Capsule.

Pokémon Trader is just TOO GOOD to pass up in any MMF deck (pretty soon I'm go start calling it MF for reference's sake). The same goes for Double Gust, and the same for Gold Berry/Focus Band. 
Some decks usually run a Stadium card, but most decks don't. However, it IS PREFERRED to have at least one default Stadium so your opponent doesn't have an advantage over you. The same goes for Time Capsule, because just about everyone plays one, or maybe even two! 

Trainers: 26
4 Professor Elm
4 Bill
4 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Fossil Egg
3 Mysterious Fossil
3 Double Gust
1 Healing Field
1 Time Capsule

This one was a toughy. Tell me how it does once you get the deck playtested a few times. ;x

Have fun! x_x;


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