Hey guys. Here is another deck fix. It's a RainDance...why doesn't Satoshi fix more of these? Anyway...

ok i have a raindance deck i want to know how to make this deck ultimate!

2 Articuno fossils
3 seels      base
2 Dewgong  base
2 Magikarp  base
1 Gyrados   base
1 Sycther    Jungle
3 Swinub    Neo
1 Light Piloswine Neo
3 Dratini   Neo
2 Dragonair  base
1 Drangonite Fossil
2 farfetchd   base


7 energy removals
2 potion
1 energy retrival
1 computer search

25 water energy

             My strategy is mainly to make sure the opent didnt have any energy to use against me i used to have 15 energy removals in my deck which seemd to work good. i dont have much of a strategy i need some help ive won alot with this deck but i know it needs a little tweaking and i dont want to add blastoise and wartotrle and squirtle. help me asap

Intereresting deck indeed. I see several things wrong already. 7 Energy Removals...we all should know that the maximum amount of cards playable is 4 for each card. Plus, the large amounts of unnecessary Energy, and the several families that shouldn't even be played in the first place. Hopefully this will look decent by the time I'm done fixing this. ;\

Now, the Pokémon...just clean EVERYTHING out. This gives us 22 spots...too much. X_x; How could you NOT want to add in Blastoise (the RainDance king) into a RainDance deck? That doesn't make much sense. Anyway, since it seems your card supply is limited, add in a 3/3/2 line of the Blastoise line. Also, since Electabuzz is still highly popular, add in 2 Neo Genesis Wooper and 2 Tyrogue. That should take care of any Lightning Pokémon that might harm Blastoise. Now, add in a 3/2 line of the Dewgong family. They should help with the beatdown effect of RainDance. That gives us...

Pokémon: 17
3 Squirtle (Team Rocket)
3 Wartortle
2 Blastoise
3 Seel (Base)
2 Dewgong
2 Wooper (Neo: Genesis)
2 Tyrogue

For the Energy, just drop 8 Water Energy.

Energy: 17
17 Water Energy

Now, we have 13 more spots to choose for the Trainers; drop 3 Energy Removal to make the deck legal, and we have 16 spots. X_x; Then, take out the Potions. They have no use in this deck. Add in 3 Professor Oak and 3 Professor Elm. Now, add in 2 more Computer Search. You need a lot of draw power to survive in the Unlimited scene nowadays. However, this is only a little draw compared to other decks like Arithmetech and some noteworthy Slowking decks. But, it is more than what you had last time, so it helps. ;p
Moving on...add in another Energy Retrieval. This card was the ish back in the day, but has lost a lot of touch with the newest option - Nightly Garbage Run. Add one of these into this deck as well. Now, to add some regular essentials for most decks. Toss in 3 Gust of Wind, 3 Lass (to disrupt your opponent), and 2 Switch. Then, add in 2 EcoGym - if your opponent Energy Removals you at any time while this Stadium card is in play, it'll go right back to your hand, and you can just RainDance it back onto your guys! ;D

Trainers: 26
4 Energy Removal
3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Computer Search
3 Lass
3 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
2 Energy Retrieval
2 EcoGym
1 Nightly Garbage Run

Well, this was a tough fix, but it seems to be better than before. Have fun playing it! ;\


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