Hey guys. Here I am today with a deck that is illegal, yet it is sent to me. We'll analyze this...AHH -_-; Also, I numbered this "#1" because I know there will be more things that I want to rant about...agh. x_x


This is my deck it is called "Fist Full of Grass"

                       1 Giovanni's Persian
                       1 Giovanni's Nidoran Male
                       1 Giovanni's Nidorino
                       1 Giovanni's Nidoking
                       1 Giovanni's Nidoran Female
                       1 Giovanni's Nidorana
                       1 Giovann's Nidoqueen
                       2 Brock's Geodude
                       1 Brock's Ryhorn
                       1 Brock's Ryhdon
                       1 Brocks Sandshrew
                       1 Brocks Sandslash
                       1 Giovannis Machop
                       1 Giovannis Machoke
                       1 Giovannis Machamp
                       1 Giovannis Pinser
                       2 Brocks Onixes
                       1 Rockets Schyter
                         7 Water
                         1 Lightning
                         5 Fighting
                         5 Grass

                The reason the energys are messed up is that me and my friends
play any energy on any pokemon Get Back to me at [Khap Note: email withheld for reasons only I know of O_o] ;p

Okay people. Seriously. I don't even know where to begin because I'm so frustrated. -_x

Khap BASIC Rule #1: Make sure you have 60 cards in your deck.

How HARD can this get? I mean, c'mon! You ARE playing the game, why not try abiding by the RULES of the game? If you want to play this game, putting a little effort into it shouldn't be that hard.

Khap BASIC Rule #2: Separate the Pokémon, Energy, and Trainers into their own sections. Make sure you have the number close by so we, all the Deck Mechanics don't have to count.

You can ask Satoshi, Martin, Gymbo, heck, I bet that even Cass and Shadow already received decks like this and are already frustrated! >_<

Something like...

4 Magikarp
4 Gyarados
4 Cleffa
4 Seel
4 Dewgong

20 Water

4 Oak
4 Bill
4 Search
4 Item Finder

...is even good. Show us the numeros! X/

Khap BASIC Rule #3: Do not send in a deck with 12 or more singles.

See, I can handle 10, 11, even 12 singles of Pokémon/Trainers, but more than that? Those types decks I think about deleting it, and 45% of the time I DO! This is what I mean by:

"2.) Be sure that your deck doesn't have MAD singles. Also, before sending in the deck fix request, look around at the other fixes so you can get a general feel of how decks should be in the first place."

Do people read that? I mean, it's ONLY IN MY REQUIREMENTS PAGE!

Whew! I'm done ranting about how some of the decks I receive aren't even up to my guidelines. I HAD to let some steam off. Just had to...


Have fun!



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