Hey guys. Khap here. My first deck fix! =D Expect some more deck fixes in the future, and some other treats such as an article or two as well. ;x
Hey there, Khap!  I have a deck that needs some fine tweaking!  Thanks for taking a look.
[Pokemon]  18 (kind of heavy, I know)
[4] Zubat (NR)
[3] Golbat (NR)
[3] Crobat
[3] Cleffa
[2] Sneasel
[2] Murkrow
[1] Tyrogue (I love this little booger)
[Energy]  15
[2] Recycle Energy
[4] Darkness Energy
[9] Grass Energy
[Trainers]  27
4x Professor Oak
4x Item Finder
3x Lass
3x PC Search
3x Focus Band
3x Gold Berry
2x Gust of Wind/ Double Gust
2x NGR
~Thanks for looking, and I hope you can help this deck be all it can be *sniff*

Hrm? An Unlimited Crobat deck? Interesting...
The Pokémon lineup seem good, but there is no use for Murkrow in an all beatdown version of Crobat. Also, Crobat doesn't have any real huge weaknesses in Unlimited (READ: MP Mewtwo isn't that hot anymore. ;\). So, drop both Murkrows. They have no use in an all out beatdown deck. The Tyrogue stays as Clefable TecH, but if Clefable isn't being played, you shouldn't lay it on the bench. Otherwise, it is of no use.
What's this? 3 Golbat, but no Breeder? Drop 2 Golbat, and leave one in just in case Slowking prevents the Breeders from being played.
The Energy looks pretty decent. If you're having a problem getting Grass Energy onto your Crobat, try squeezing in one more Grass Energy.
The Trainers look like they are from Modified; are you playing that more often? ;\ Anyway, you are missing essential keys for a Crobat to survive. Energy disruption, Gyms, more hand disruption...but this will be fixed. Drop the Focus Bands (how long has it been since an Unlimited tourney? O_o) and replace them for 3 Pokémon Breeders. Toss one Item Finder for an EcoGym (Sneasel needs some backup). From the 4 spots from the Pokémon, add in 3 Super Energy Removal, and one more Computer Search.
...What have we here? I just counted that you are off your count by 3 cards! Ah...that's okay. From now on, if you decide to send me a deck (this is for everyone reading this), make sure it has 60 cards. ;p Anyway, make the Gusts from Neo, because you have free retreat all over (and make that 3 now).  Add in 1 more EcoGym and one TecH Chaos Gym to ensure ultimate beatdown when they are stripped of all options. Some final touches are to add in the 4th Lass to ensure the Cleffa/Lass combo.
Crobat's Creme of the Crop [Final Deck] 
Pokémon: 14
4 Zubat
1 Golbat (NR)
3 Crobat
3 Cleffa
2 Sneasel
1 Tyrogue
Energy: 15
9 Grass Energy
4 Darkness Energy
2 Recycle Energy
Trainers: 31
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Lass
3 Item Finder
3 Pokémon Breeder
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
2 EcoGym
1 Chaos Gym
Hope you do well with the new deck! ;D

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