Hey. Here's a mono fighting deck that might actually work. Let's start on it. Oh, and sorry for not being that active. I'm sure most of you guys are pretty ticked that no one's been doing much (in particular me =/), but school is so time consuming. Anyway...


Wuzz up my name is  Cerrome and my deck is about  brute force
3 tyrogue
3 bad mankey
3 primeape{jungle}
2 onix {ng}
3 cubone{jungle}
3 marowak{[jungle}
2 machop{base}
2 machoke{base}
2 machamp{base}
2 pokemon march
2 gust of wind
2 nightly garbage run
3 nrg retrieval
2 potion
2 super potion
2 professor oak
2 trader
2 poke ball
18 figthing

Hey Cerrome. The deck looks okay, but it definitely needs some other, splashable guy to counter any Scythers, Gligars, Rocket's Zapdoses, or any other Fighting resistant Pokémon that might come up. I'll start on the Pokémon.

You can afford to drop a Tyrogue, since three seems to be overkill, DESPITE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY. lol Tyrogue is only a support hitter, and 3 seems to be too much. Two is fine, however. Then, drop the Bad Mankeys (?), and the Jungle Primeapes. Although the Peek Mankey is certainly good for its ability to Peek, and Jungle Primeape a good hitter overall, it seems that the focus on this deck will be the Machamps, w/ smaller support hitters. With that in mind, drop the Neo: Genesis Onix, and the Marowak line.
After ALL that dropping, we have 15 empty slots to add anything in. So, add in 2 more Machops, and then 2 more Machokes from Base. Now, add in the 3rd Machamp, so we have a 4/4/3 line. How stable! X/
Then, we need some Cleffa in here. TRY to find 2 Cleffa from Neo: Genesis, since they are LIFE SAVERS in too many ways to count. And no, not the candy. >_< Now, the cool part - Base Hitmonchan! YAY! He's going to be added, so toss 3 of him in there. Back from the DEAD! OOHHH SNAP!

Pokémon: 18
4 Machop (TR/LC)
4 Machoke
3 Machamp (Base/LC)
3 Hitmonchan
2 Tyrogue
2 Cleffa

Energy look fine. But!, drop one Fighting Energy to free up some space.

Energy: 17
17 Fighting Energy

Now, for the Trainers. Since I need to catchup on Expedition cards, I won't bring them in this fix. Drop one Energy Retrieval. 2 is enough. Then drop both regular Potions. They won't help that much in the long run. Then, take out those PokéBalls. Now add in 1 more Professor Oak, and 3 Professor Elms. They are always helpful since they can help you gain card advantage, but you won't be able to play Trainers.
Anyway, add in another Pokémon Trader, since you want to get those Machamps and all out before they die as a Machop or Machoke. Also, add in a 3rd Pokémon March Now, time to add in some support cards. Throw in some Switches. Switches are always useful when your Active is hit by a Special Condition (Whoo! New wordings. Always invigorating. :\).
Now, if you can, try to scrounge up some Resistance Gyms. Those Fighting Resistance Pokémon are always annoying to kill.

Trainers: 25
3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Pokémon Trader
3 Pokémon March
3 Resistance Gym
2 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Super Potion

Well, I hope you had fun on this deck that I started over 20 days ago, and finally finished now. See you next time - same website, same....website. -_-;;