Hi pojo this is my top ten list for pokemon TCG
10-ivy pikachu this pikachu you get from the pokemon league it's promo it's number ten because growl and thundershock are great stall atttacks which most pokemo this list have
9-syther everyone thinks this guys so great but not me he's good but not the best he does do slash which cost a3 of any color energy so it's great to splash a deck with
8- golbat this is syther on steriods shure it's weaker but the attacks are awsome wing attack is the same as sythers slash but when you add leech life this is one force to be rekond with
7- rapidash this pokemon is awsome stomp you could live without but no respectable fire deck could live without rapidash it compleatley kills syther quick
6- likitung this pokemon is great toung wrap does damge an maybe paralizes the opponents pokemon too
5-fossil haunter this pokemon is great does ten damage and the opponent is always asleep and even if he wakes up theres a back up it pokemonpower these make it a 25% possibility that your opponent injures haunter
4- drowzee confuse ray is dangerous
3-mr.mime great wall
2- kadabra great attacks and a one hit KO on its evolved form alakazam
1-gengar this is the pokemon that sends every one craisey it has no weakness abilitey to move counters for faster KO and a great attack
10-scoop up this is a trainer that is awsome in haymakers  i hate the hay this trainer does great in it and if all haymakers had this then i would want to battle them or use them
9-pokemon center this is scoop up  but it can work on all your pokemon at once this does great in decks that dpon't need to evolve
8- potion this underestimated trainer is the best it doesn't work great the way most people play it but me and my freinds play with 10 and 30 damage so have 60 damage use 1 potion and your healed but unless you play like this it's not great but still usefull
7- Professer oak use full to get cards when you need them but unless your hand is sorry don't use-it
6-gambler this trainer is a little iffy but thats why it's called gambler but since the cards go back in your deck no matter what you can always get them back
5-energy retreival people like fossil gastly and movie mewtwo to get energey back so why not use this too
4- energy search this trainer gets you energy when you need it and you shuffle your deck so you get diffrent pokemon faster too
3-recycle a little iffy but you can get any card you lost eathier it was KOed or you used oak
2-bill this gives you cards fast
1-revive this trainer can get frustrating exspecially in hays you get your pokemon out again with about half life so say you have a base zapdoes and was doeng fine but was KOed and you have 1 prize left and your opponent has four or so use turns to load up zapdoes then when he KOes your active KOhim and you win