Hehe, after reading that other article of Porygon, I decided to read it, and I found many good points, yet also many missing. 
    One, yes, Porygon CAN change their weakness, but the person failed to report on how easily it can crush most decks.....ex.
*Remember, Porygon is like a Kangaskhan, you only need 1 energy on it to work most times.
Rain Dance - Sacrifice Porygon for an easy kill next turn.
Articuno can't take Porygon in a hit with Conversion 2, so keep that in mind...and Articuno will die to a Promo Mewtwo in a hit......
Haymaker - Here's where the twist of Porygon comes in.  Defender, as some may know, can immediately slow the Haymaker down, but when you have Conversion 2, its a permanent defender, which will slow the Haymaker down for at least 5 turns.  when used with Revive, or multiples of the Porygon, you can stall the Haymaker long enough, to the late game, when the Hay is the weakest.  If you've constructed your deck well, you should have ONE big hitter.....if not, you shouldn't be using Porygon to stall anyway.
Stall - Stall can take minimal amounts of damage at a time, absorbing it, but with well timed Lasses, how often will the stall last against doubled damage?
Turbo Wiggly - I included this, because of how popular it is......Most decks, even ones with a centered big hitter, have 70 hp Haymaker Pokemon to back up the deck, those which Wiggly won't take in a single hit.  In that amount of time, that 70 hp card will be able to do at LEAST 40 dmg + Porygon, which is a dead Wiggly, and Wiggly is the purpose of the deck, will not keep up with itself, once you take down the Wiggly, and they'll attempt to get another Wiggly out, instead of using the basics they use to warm the bench.
Strategy Disruption ( Muk, Mew, Aero ) - These are getting popular, simply using the disruption pokemon, and some anti-hay.  Porygon will stall the anti-hay side, and when you're ready with your Gow's in your hand, you can gust out that disruption pokemon, and change its weakness, if you can't kill it with one hit with a different pokemon....
Last note - Porygon is best used by the following - either one energy conversion, and next turn Scoop Up, or DBL energy, conversion 2, and if removaled, energy and conversion 1, and then switch, retreat, or Scoop.
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