This guy gets no respect! I mean 3/4 poke'mon Mr.Mime can take down easy, no
contest. Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno,Charizard you get the point all  those
really good high evaloution Poke'mon dont have a chance. Mr.Mime got
Invisable wall which takes all damage above above 30 down to 0! If you team
him up with Alakazam and whenevery Mr.Mime gets some damage under 30 just
transfer it to Alakazam and hes practicly unbeatable. The whole time Mr.Mime
using meditate and doing more and more damage for each Damage counter! I say
Mr.Mime the best Jungle Poke'mon if the not the Best Poke'mon ever!


                P.S forget Scyther!