Jigglypuff is much better than everyone thinks,In fact if you
think about it...IT IS A GREAT CARD!
and here are a few reasons

1.good in a fighting heavy deck,with hitmonchans and hitmonlees
like in my Aerodactyl's apocalypse deck here at pojo.it can
bounce back against a decks weakness to psychic

rain dance decks normally die to mr.mime decks...
with a few jiggly's in it.you can also bounce back here
with a 20 damage attack,resistance to fighting and a pretty
good hp.

don't worry about it if you don't have a wigglytuff(which,by
the way I may say I have two before any of you think "that's why
he likes the jigglypuff card that much!")you can use jiggly
instead!a very underestimated card indeed

Please no hate mail