Johnson Chen

Hey Pojo,your site rocks!

Well, I was gonna do some articles,but I forgot what to do it on.
Anyways, I just wanted to talk about some underrated cards.(Okay,maybe not
under rated,but I haven' seen any one use these in their decks)

    Jigglypuff:60 HP is pretty good for a Basic, and Sleep for 1 Colorless is
great.A next turn 20 damaging attack for another Energy is good for crippling
Basic Pokemon,so some Evolutions can't get out.
So:1st turn sleep + 2nd turn 20 dam. attack.Use early in game,then evolve to
Wiggly tuff for 50 dam. after building your Bench
Rating:8 out of 10

    Weepinbell:70 HP, Stage 1.For one Grass energy,10 damage and possible
poison is a good 1st turn attack.30 damage for only 2 Energy is possibly the
best Grass attack for two energy.(Kill that annoying Gyarados in two turns!)
So:1st turn 10 dam. and 50-50 chance of poison, and 2nd turn 30
damage.Probably better than Victreebell.Build on the bench first.
Rating:7 out of 10.
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