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Ok, I've been thinking about it alot, and I've finally
decided what the best cards and the worst cards are.

Top ten best cards:

10: Exeggutor: Why? If you have about, say, 10 energys
on him (unless you are really bad at coin flips) you
can knock out a Charizard or Chansey. Really, Really
good with double Colorless energy. Only problem with
this card is to fact that it's week to SER. That and
it takes really long to power up.

9: Gengar: Why? His pokemon power can kill tons of
decks. Just use curse to move a damage counter to a
pokemon with only 10hp left, then use Dark Mind to
keep destroy the bench, and every single one of the
three big decks will fall. Also, with a resintence to
fighting, even a Haymaker will lose. It also has no

8: Wigglytuff: Why? Do The Wave can do major damage to
a pokemon if you have a full bench. Lulabye can keep
the other pokemon from attacking while you get a full
bench for 60 damage.

7: Alakazam: Why? His pokemon power makes him a great
bench warmer. Just keep putting all the damage
counters on a Chansey whill you attack with Gyarados
or someone like that...

6: Gyarados: Why? An attack that does 50 damage for
only three water energy, and an attack that does 40
damage for 4 water energys with a chance of paralyze.

5:Hitmonchan: Why? Not week to SER or ER, and it takes
only 1 fighting energy to do 20 damage. So what? you
say, Machop can do 20 damage for one too. For your
answer, just take a look at Machop's Hp. 50 right? Now
look at Hitmonchan's. 70 Hp. Plus Hitmonchan has a
great attack that only requires 2 fighting energy and
one Colorless. Now do you have your answer??? Too bad
that there are so many pokemon with a resistance to
Fighting, with Fossil out now.

4: Golduck: Why? Hyper Beam is a great attack if
you're faceing a Energy Hungry Fire Type, (Ninetale,
Charizard, ex.) since it can deal 20 damage plus
weekness (Not includeing Moltres) PLUS discard one
energy card attached to the pokemon. Psyshock makes it
a good card in Psychic decks too. A retreat cost of
one and a good basic pokemon, (Psyduck) earns it a
spot in my top 10 list.

3: Energy Search: Why? This card is just awsome. Look
at it, it lets you search your deck for any energy
card without any discard cost, and no coin flips! This
card is great.

2: Professor Oak: Why? Great Card if you get the worst
hand ever to start with. Example: Your hand is: 1
Gastly, (Basic or Fossil, they both suck if you don't
get any psy energy.) Professor Oak, and 5 some other
energy cards. What I would do is draw a card and
whether or not you get any psychic energys, use
Professor Oak. That gives you 7 new cards. (And you
get to have your old hand discarded.) Who knows? You
could get a Gengar and a pokemon breeder.

Tie for first place:

The best Trainer is:

1: Bill!!!! Why? You get to draw two cards, and the
only thing that you have to discard is Bill. Great
card, or at least the best trainer.

The best pokemon is:

1: Electrabuzz!!! Why? Think about it: One lightning
energy for an attack that does 10 damage with a chanch
to Paralyze, and one lightning and one colorless for
an attack that does 30 damage by itself, and 40 if you
flip heads! (Of corse, if you flip tales, it does 10
damage to itself.)

Top five Worst cards:

5: Goldeen: Why? 40 hp and one water energy for 10
damage. Seaking isn't worth this waist if paper.

4: Geodude: Why? The attack has a slim chance of KOing
any pokemon, but I do stress the word slim. Usely, it
won't even do 10 damage, let alone enoth to KO any

3:Shellder: Why? This card can't even attack! How bad
can you get? Which brings us to #2 and 1...

2: Porygon: Why? Hmm... Two attacks that can't really
can't hert the other pokemon, only change the
weekness, and no evolution! Oh well, at least you can
use it in a combo.

1: Basic Set Gastly!!! This card is the worst card
ever invented. Resons: an attack that has only a 25%
chance of keeping the other pokemon asleep, and an
attack which doesn't even touch the other pokemon
unless your oppant is really stupid. (And it uses up
one psy energy.) Why on earth did they even make this
card??? At least Shellder evolves into something
that's actuly OK, and Porygon can change the weekness
of the other pokemon. Gastly can do nether.

Agree? Disagree??
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