Hey great site Pojo. Im live in Australia and I have a strategy for Farfetch'd.
Farfetch'd 50hp (good) 2 attacks 30 damage (good) as good a Scyther, say you have a farfetch'd active and double colorless attach to farfetch'd. Ok if he gets damaged potion of something, now attach another energy and use POTSMASH for 30. Why not use leek slap? well I figured say you are energy removed they choose the DC. You can still have leek slap left and take a risk to win the match.
I think POTSMASh is a good attack, 3 energy for 30 damage. This card has saved me many times. So I reckon you have no good cards in your deck and you need a card to fill up a slot, Farfetch'd will maybe save the day.