Ok, now if I am like most people out there reading all these articles, then I am sick and tired of the Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise debate. Obviously, they all have their respective uses. Blastoise works well for a raindance. Venusaur works well with Pokemon Center/Stall decks, as well as Making sure a gust of wind doesnt ruin your whole pokemon. And Charizard is good for those games between little kids on the corner where strategy doesnt matter, just strong pokemon.
Is any one of these uses more important then another? No. They are just different. There are so many different decks out there, saying Blastoise is the best because "He works well in raindance" just doesnt cut it. I would give much more respect to a deck that uses Charizard effectively (I have yet to see one) then to a boring Raindance that takes no thought in making the deck. Oh, and by the way, Double Colorless energy doesnt count as 2 fire for charizard. So dont think DCE will help a charizard deck in any way.
In my opinion, all 3 of these cards aren't that great. So why all the debate? Why isnt there more debates on the effectiveness of Ninetails/Gyarados/Kadabra? They are all good cards too!
Ok, I know people are going to see this and go "Oh, great, another person writing a Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise review" and grudgingly read it to see what the latest nonsense argument in the great debate is... well, I just wanted to throw my point out there, and tell people to stop worrying about it. Does it really matter which card is best?
Of course not.