Okay, this is not good. For one thing, you are comparing a stage 1 with a stage 2. You cannot compare Venomoth and Alakazam, they are two completely different cards that work in two cmpletely different ways. And for God's sake, stop using that stupid point system. People, the point system doesn't work. I recall one person comparing a Base Set Haunter with a Fossil Haunter and it came out as a draw. Also, I conducted a point system test on Ninetales vs Charizard before typing this. Guess what, it also came out a draw! If that isn't proof enough that the point system is inacurate(sp?), I don't know what is. Oh wait, there is some more. Read Chad Kaplan's article for Kingler against Hitmonchan. People, learn from these people's mistakes and don't use the Point System or compare a Stage 1 against a basic/ Stage2. It doesn't work.
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