Hey everyone here is my top ten list.  This is just an opinion so don't say
so and so sucks or so and so rules allright?  Pojo, please post this as soon
as you can.

My fake name is Huangpuck.  My email is at the bottom.  Here we go:

Top ten Pokemon:

10.  Wigglytuff - Do the Wave is awesome for just 3 colorless energy.  80 HP
is good.  Jigglypuff isn't too bad either.

9.  Venusaur - Energy Trans is a great poke - power.  100 HP is great. Solar
beam is costly but devastating.

8. Blastoise - 100 HP again is good.  Raindance is awesome.  Can kill a
stupid Charizard in one hit.

7. Gengar - Curse is very useful if there is a colorless pokemon on the
bench.  80Hp most out of any Psychic pokemon.  Dark mind is good.

6. Aerodactyl - Keeps all pokes from evolving.  very good against Raindance. 

5. Chansey - Awesome HP (120) Scrunch for two makes it the ultimate stall

4. Alakazam - Damage swap is the best Pokemon power.  30 damage with a chance
to confuse is a great attack.

3. Mr. Mime - Invisible wall is da bomb. what else can I say?

2. Electabuzz - 40 damage on turn two.  70 hp.  Raindance killer.

1. Scyther!  Colorless attack.  Can go in any deck.  Free retreat and 70 hp
make it number one!

Top three worst Pokemon:

3. Meowth - Two energies for just ten damage.

2. Shellder - 30 hp sucks.  can't do any damage.

1. Gastly - 25% chance of keeping your opponent asleep.  only 30 HP.  Use the
fossil one instead

Top Five trainers

5. Pokemon Trader - Go for any Pokemon you need.  Perfect for late - game.

4. Scoop up - great for stall decks get rid of all the damage on Chanseys

3. Item Finder - use any trainer again and again

2. Super Energy Removal - Gets your opponents really mad.  Get rid of all the
energy on a charizard or Zapdos

1. Bill - Draw two Cards.  It is just amazing for a common.  put four in a

Top three worst trainers:

3. Poke flute - Bring your opponents back to life!  Helps them so much more
than it helps you.

2. Super potion - Great for removing your own energy while your opponent
kills you.

1. Clefairy doll - just useless.

Thanks for reading.  Email Huangpuck@aol.com with Comments or Questions