Although not many decks use Moltres and Hypno, this combo is very
interesting. It's difficult to pull off, but it's worth it. It can really
anger your opponent by making them discard the card they need the most. Use
Prophecy, and as you're getting Moltres ready with a few fire energy, arrange
your opponent's top three cards so the card they could really use is the
SECOND card on top. When it's their turn, they'll draw a card. Then, during
your turn, retreat Hypno and send out your Moltres with at least one Fire
energy. Discard that, and you're opponent will have to discard a card from
their deck that you had already picked. Great against a Rain Dance (watch out
for Moltres though) when you know they're looking for an Oak or Blastoise,
and you make them discard it without knowing it until they see their discard
pile. However, it's not a very accurate combo, and it's only 3 cards that you
can look at, but it's fun to set up their best card out of those 3 so it's
discarded before use.