Episode 70
"What of the Battle's Outcome!? Freezer's Evil hand Closes Around the Senoir Elder"

The scene begins by showing Goku powering up and then going to Jees

Jees- "107,000...I don't believe it. Even Commander Ginyu's maximum power is 120,000."

Commander Ginyu- "120,000..130,000?"

Commander Ginyu- "140,000!"

Ginyu gets kinda pissed and flies into the ocean below them

Commander Ginyu- "I am second only to Lord Freezer in the entire universe!"

Goku continues to power up

Jees- "150,000! This can't be happening."

Commander Ginyu- "Stop!"

Ginyu throws a huge boulder at Goku that just breaks up upon impact. Ginyu then starts shooting multiple ki attacks that just build up around Goku but don't actually affect him. Goku then shoots them back and Jees and Ginyu dodge them. Ginyu turns towards Goku and is really surprised.

Commander Ginyu- "180,000! Unbelievable! Is this your true power?"

Jees- "No wonder we couldn't win. How did a Saiyajin get so strong?"

Goku- "I'll be blunt! I can make my power go up even more!"

Commander Ginyu- "What did you say?!"

Goku gets rid of the red aura around him

Commander Ginyu- "Impossible!"

Commander Ginyu- "Impossible! You can't be..!"

The scene goes to Buruma riding on her jet bike and she comes across a Namekseijin village. She looks around seeing many dead Namekseijins.

Buruma- "How horrible. I want to hurry and get away from this planet."

She picks up a dead child Namekseijin

Buruma- "Dragonballs..that can grant any wish.."

The scene then moves to that mountain that the Senoir Elder lives on and to Dende

Dende- "Senoir Elder! It's Nail!"

Senoir Elder- "I know."

Nail rises into the room with that elevator thing the house has.

Senoir Elder- "Why did you come back? I ordered you to go and help the Earthlings."

Nail- "Please forgive me. But my ultimate duty is to protect you Senoir Elder. If you die, the dragonballs will disappear as well. If that happens, those Earthling's wish will never be granted."

Senoir Elder- "Enough."

Now the scene is Kuririn and Gohan flying. They see the cave that Buruma was waiting in

Gohan- "Over there, Kuririn-son!"

Kuririn- "Alright! Hurry!"

They start to land in the cave

Kuririn- "Buruma-son! The dragon radar!"

They look around but don't see Buruma anywhere

Gohan- "Buruma-son!"

Kuririn- "Buruma-son! Please come out! Don't hide!"

Kuririn- "We don't have a second to spare. She's never around when you need her."

Gohan- "Look Kuririn-son!"

They see tracks on the ground

Kuririn- "Jet bike tracks?"

Gohan- "Where did Buruma-son go on a jet bike?"

Kuririn- "She didn't decide to go sightseeing at a time like this?"

Gohan- "Sightseeing?"

Kuririn- "Lets go after her! We have to hurry and get the dragon radar and find the balls or we won't get there in time!"

Kuririn flies away followed by Gohan

Gohan- "Yes!"

You then see Freezer move really quickly passed the screen and then water rising up because of it. You see him flying passed mountains and the are destroyed by his speed.

Freezer- "That must be it."

Nail- "It appears he's finally found us. He's right nearby."

Senoir Elder- "Dende come here."

The Senoir Elder puts his hand on Dende's head and gives him a power up by awakening his power.

Senoir Elder- "Go to them Dende. The Earthlings need you. I drew out your power so you should be able to reach them quickly."

Dende- "But.."

Senoir Elder- "Hurry and go."

Dende- "I understand. Please don't die Senoir Elder!"

Dende leaves the house and then flies away

Senoir Elder- "Will I be killed first? Or will my life expire before that?"

The scene goes back to Goku and Ginyu. Goku is looking at Ginyu a little surprised

Commander Ginyu- "You can't be..are you a Super Saiyajin?"

Jees gets all scared

Goku- "Vegita said that too but I have no idea what that is."

Jees- "A Super Saiyajin! The legendary supreme warrior!"

Commander Ginyu- "I don't believe it!"

Jees- "He's a..he's a..the one thing Lord Freezer feared! A Super Saiyajin!"

Goku- "Sorry but you can't defeat me. I don't want to waste time fighting. I want you two to disappear from this planet."

Commander Ginyu- "What did you say? Are you serious?"

Goku- "I am. Especially since your a fair fighter. I don't want to kill you."

Commander Ginyu- "Don't want to kill me? Don't want to waste time fighting? Leave this planet? A Super Saiyajin is the supreme warrior who seeks only blood and battle. You're not a Super Saiyajin. You aren't one completely. So you're not a Super Saiyajin. I understand."

Ginyu starts laughing and the scene goes to Freezer

Freezer- "So there are Namekseijin survivors there."

You see Dende heading right towards Freezer and then flies right by him.

Freezer- "I suppose I can let one piece of trash go."

Nail- "He's here."

Freezer lands and gets out of his ship thing. The door opens and Nail walks out.

Nail- "What do you want?"

Freezer- "My name is Freezer. I would like to have a wish granted by the dragonballs. I have gathered all seven balls but my wish hasn't been granted. So I would like you to tell me how to do it."

Nail- "Please leave. We cannot reveal that to one who is so evil."

Freezer's scouter starts reacting and he notices someone coming

Freezer- "So there are more of you? There battle powers must be very low. My scouter didn't even register them until now."

Nail- "Go away."

Three Namekseijins land around Freezer. Freezer just smiles

Namek 1- "Looks like we're in time."

Nail- "Stop it! You're no match for him!"

Namek 2- "That doesn't matter! I'll break an arm or two anyway!"

Namek 1- "We're warrior types just like you."

Freezer- "Warrior type?"

Freezer starts to get the power readings on each of them

Freezer- "The three of you are just short of 10,000 each. What would I expect on a planet like this? Although you're more like trash to me."

Namek 1- "What did you say!?"

Nail- "Stop it! You'd be dying in vain!"

Namek 3- "Nail! Protect the Senoir Elder!"

Senoir Elder- "My children."

All three go to attack Freezer and Freezer just blows some air out of his mouth and they are all thrown into the air. He then blows some more and one is thrown through a cliff and the other pretty far away and through a tree. Freezer then grabs the other one.

Freezer- "Do you know the secret words to the dragonballs?"

Freezer- "Well?"

He shakes his head from side to side to indicate that he doesn't

Freezer- "I didn't suppose trash like you would. It was a silly of me to ask."

He throws him towards the ground, since he had caught him in the air. Nail goes to catch him but Freezer shoots a ki beam that goes through the Namekseijin and kills him

Freezer- "I think you should cooperate. It would be nothing to me to kill you. There are two of you right? I can have either of you tell me."

Nail- "Then do that but before I fight you let me say this. The other one in the house is the Senoir Elder of this planet. He made the dragonballs."

Freezer- "Oh?"

Nail- "Pound this into your head! If you kill the Senoir Elder, the dragonballs will disappear also!"

Freezer- "Senoir Elder?"

Freezer takes off his scouter and shoots ki beams out of his eyes, and destroys the window on the second floor. He then flies up and sees the Senoir Elder

Freezer- "I see you weren't lying. He is definately different than the rest of the Namekseijins."

You see Nail flying up behind Freezer

Freezer- "Senoir Elder? I'm sure you have no interest of telling me either. However, if this man is about to be killed, you'll have no choice."

Senoir Elder- "You will not be able to defeat Nail as easily as you think. He's the best Namekseijin warrior on this planet. You won't be able to take care of him as you did the other Namekseijins."

Freezer- "It appears you are determined not to tell me."

Senoir Elder- "I'm counting on you Nail. Please stall for as much time as you can."

Nail- "I understand."

Freezer- "Alright..if you insist on being so stubborn. I will show you how frightening the best in the universe can be."

The scene goes back to Ginyu and Goku

Commander Ginyu- "You're not a Super Saiyajin. But you are quite a bit stronger than me. Unimaginable power."

Ginyu starts laughing

Narrator- " The evil hand of Freezer closes in on the Senoir Elder. Will he be able to protect the secret of the dragonballs? And what will be the outcome of the battle between Goku and Ginyu?"