Episode 142

"Kamehameha. The monster with Goku's ki"

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(Shows action of Piccolo fusing with Kami)

Mr.Popo: G...God, please don't die.

Kamicolo: I am no longer God nor Piccolo. Only a Namekseijin who has long forgotten his name.

(Says goodbye to Mr.Popo and flys down to battle and at Gingertown the monster is dragging a body and stops in front of Kamicolo.)

Narrator: The mysterious monster has finally showed itself. And with it comes a suprising secret.

"Kamehameha. The monster with Goku's ki!"

Kamicolo: (Gingertown a calm breeze blows) You've finally come out, monster.

(The Monster holding a man and Kamicolo looking shocked)

Man: Help me!

Kamicolo: What is this ki I feel coming from him. What does this mean?

(Creature takes a step toward Kamicolo and Mr.Popo looking down toward Earth)

Mr.Popo: Mr.Popo's very scared. Even after Piccolo and God merged and became stronger, it still might not be enough to beat this monster. (Picks up God's staff) God...


Man: Hey you, you have to help me. I am the richest man in this town. (Pulls out some cash) I'll give you all the money you want, but just save me. Hey you!

Kamicolo: I don't know if you understand my language, but you will let him go. That man is still a living being.

(Monster relinquishes the man)

Man: Ahhhhh! Save me!

(Monster sticks his tail in his back and starts to suck his energy and only his clothes remain and Kamicolo is shocked).

Monster: You're going to turn out just like him next, Piccolo the demon King.

(Kamicolo is shocked and the monster prepares to power up)

Kamicolo: What... What is this..?

(Cars start to fly and windows start to break)

(Kame House)

(Gohan senses something and looks out the window)

Kuririn: What...What is going on Gohan?

Gohan: I can fell two of Piccolo's ki.

Yamucha: Piccolo's?

Kuririn: What? Oh, this is ...


(Kamicolo and the monster are standing in a small crater)

Kamicolo: What... What are you? How do you know Piccolo's name.

Monster: I... I am your brother.

Kamicolo: What?

(Kame house)

(Kuririn, Gohan, Yamucha Kamessenin run outside)

Kuririn: What's going on with this ki...

Gohan: Freezer and his father's ki...

Kamessenin: I also sense something else...

(Trunks flying toward Gingertown)

Trunks: Piccolo, Freezer, and his father, my father's... All these ki's at one place.

Vegeta: (Rural Canyon) What is this..? It can't be...

(Kame house)

Yamucha: Yes, I definitely feel it.

Kamessenin: But, it can't be. Freezer and his father are supposed to be dead.

Kuririn: This way...

Gohan: That's the direction where that incident on TV occured, Gingertown.

(All the Z fighters are shocked)

Kamesenin: No...No way

Yamucha: Goku's aura is there too...

Gohan: (Gohan flys to the window where his father sleeps) My father is definitely asleep.

Trunks: West, underground 1051, right near the egg... There's no mistake about it...


Kamicolo: Hey, who the hell are you? Talk, and let's get all the details.

Monster: There will be no need for that, because you'll be my lunch in a few seconds.

Kamicolo: (Kamicolo is now mad) Okay, so you don't plan on talking. (He smirks) Well, in that case, I'll just kill you without all the questions.

Monster: (Monster begins to laugh) You think that you, Piccolo, are going to kill me?

Kamicolo: (Kamicolo begins to laugh) So, you somehow seem to know Piccolo...But...(Kamicolo powers up and the crater he and the monster were in becomes bigger and wider)

Kamicolo: (Kamicolo begins to vibrate intensively with a smirk) But to bad for you.. You've got the wrong person.

Monster: What? Wrong person?!! You mean to tell me that you're not Piccolo?

Kamicolo: That"s right.

Kuririn: (Kuririn blasting towards Gingertown and catches up with Trunks) Good, I made it on time. There's a mysterious monster. It might be dangerous, even for you.

Trunks: A new tremendous ki. Some new being really has arrived.

Kuririn: Right now?

Trunks: What's going on?

Kuririn: (Kuririn is surprised and smiles) That ki belongs to Piccolo.

Trunks: But, isn't this one a lot different than Piccolo's?

Kuririn: It's amazing! They really have merged together!

Trunks: Merged. You mean with Kamisama? You mean they were originally two parts of one being?

Kuririn: That's right. Piccolo was already strong by himself... This ki belongs to a Super Namek.

Trunks: Fantastic. Is it really possible to increase one's power by so much..?

(Gingertown, little pieces of rocks floating in the air)

Kamicolo: It's a good thing that you killed everyone in this town.

Monster: What..? What do you mean by that?

Kamicolo: I can go all out now.

Monster: What? (Electricity surronds Kamicolo and lets a one hand blast that covers him and blasts away the monster and destroy the whole town)

(Trunks and Kuririn stop in horror)

Trunks: That blast...

Kuririn: Over there, that's where it came from...

(smoke clears from the desolated Gingertown and the androids truck stops)

#17: The air moved... Did you feel it?

#18: Yes

#17: Maybe a volcano erupted or it could be something else far away.

#16: Location in the west suburbs...

#18: #16

#16: Two very powerful beings are fighting.

#17: Do you have them on your power radar? Why didn't you mention this before?

#16: You never asked...

#17: Okay, then can you tell me who is fighting who?

#16: I don't know. They both are not listed in our data banks... Just one of them, however, is almost as powerful as you two combined.

#17: What? Dr. Gero must have made another mistake. Your power radar's broken. There is no being on this planet that can match my power. Stupid.

#18: Let's go #16.

(A destroyed Gingertown, the monster lifts rumble off of itself, Kamicolo charges at it and dodges the monster punch and kicks it in the ribs. Throws another kick and misses the monster dashes back away and Kamicolo blurs and kicks it in the back into the air and waits for it to land, but the monster doesn't and flys into the air and prepares a Makankosampo, but Kamicolo slaps it away The monster changes and the both jump and starts fighting at high speeds and Kamicolo punches and flys toward it and kicks it in the face towards the ground.)

Kamicolo: Is that it? I figured you would be one hell of a monster, but...

Monster: You're not bad, although I haven't reached total perfection yet.

Kamicolo: Total perfection? What? Is that why you took so many of these humans lives..?

Monster: To gather energy.

Kamicolo: Answer me. Who sent you on that time machine to this time period? Your allies.

Monster: I sent myself... That time machine was way too small for my present form, so I had to degenerate myself to my egg form. I'm suprised you even know about the time machine. But... (The monster goes into the Kame Hame Ha stance) You don't know about this...(Kamicolo is surprised and is Trunks and Kuririn).

Kuririn: What? It can't be!

Trunks: That's Goku's aura again...

Monster: Ka...Me...Ha...Me...

Kamicolo: No! No way!

Gohan: (all the Z warriors are shocked) Dad...

Narrator: What?! This monster can also perform the Kamehameha?!

Kamicolo: This can't be...

Monster: HA!!!

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Goku: Hi I'm Goku! That thing has the power to even do the Kamehameha!

Monster From Dr. Gero's computer, his most powerful creation. That is me. Piccolo, I'm going to suck out all of your energy as well.

Goku: Next time on Dragonball Z "Hatred and Destruction Being, It's name is Android Cell"

Gohan: Don't lose Piccolo!

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