Episode 142


Narrator: Goku is still recovering from the heart attack and from the androids who want his life... But there is now a greater fear that exceeds this crisis... The monster, which has come from the future, sucks out people's energy. To go against it, a brand new and powerful Namekseijin. A result from the merging together of God with Piccolo. The battle has finally begun...

Monster: (Standing in the kamehameha stance) Ka... Me...

Kamicolo: This ... stance... There's no way, is there?

Monster: Ha...Me...

Kamicolo: This can't be...

Monster: Ha...! (A slow beam goes out to a shocked Kamicolo who dodges the blast, but gets snuck up on by the monster who wraps around him) I've got you know! (Kamicolo tries to dodge, but gets stuck with the tail in his left arm and screams) Scream, but it'll do you no good.

Kuririn: But... Who is Piccolo fighting right now?

Trunks: Probably that thing that left that shell on the time machine.

Kuririn: How is it that the creature has Goku's, Piccolo's, Vegita's, Freezer's and Freezer's father King Cold's kis.

Trunks: Yes, that's true but...

Kuririn: Damn, what the hell is going on..? (Kame house, Chichi and Gohan stand over Goku's body)

Chichi: Goku is getting much better.

Gohan: Yes, that's good, Mom

Chichi: (Goku starts to stretch then goes sound asleep) Goku!

Gohan: Father.

Chichi: What? He fell asleep again.

Gohan: But it looks like he'll wake up soon.

Chichi: Yes...

Gohan: I should let them know...( runs down stairs) Hey, everybody (everyone looks shocked at the television)

News anchor: We've just received a news flash that the West City Army has been dispatched to Gingertown.

Gohan: What? The army?

News anchor: So, the surrounding towns around Gingertown will be protected and their people will be made safe.

Kamesennin: I hope that there will be no more victims.

News anchor: News flash... We have visual contact of the army entering the town... So please... It looks like we're experiencing seems interfernence in the area. There we go (A devested Gingertown has tanks rolling all over the place while the monster is sucking the energy out of Kamicolo)

Guy#1: (Kamicolo arm starts to shrink and become decayed) That's him. Hey you, you are now completely surrounded. Just give yourself in...

Monster: Damn, they're getting in the way of my supper. (Shoots eye lasers at guy#1 tank as he jumps out)

Guy#1: Damn him! Fire! Fire! (Missiles explodes around the area) All right.

Guy#2: It's still alive!

Guy#1: What?

Monster: You bunch of cockroaches!

Guy#1: Fire the missiles! (Missiles start to fly toward them but stops the them and they fall back down and destroys the army)

Monster: A mere distraction... Shall I continue my meal? (Kamicolo's arm turns brittle as he screams and Mr.Popo senses it)

Mr.Popo: Kamisama.

Monster: (Kamicolo couldn't take it anymore and headbutts him to escape) You..! (Androids truck)

#18: Anything wrong? #16

#16: The power source we were talking about has changed. It looks like the fight is over.

#18: You mean the super powered being that rivals our power..?

#16: Yes.

#17: You're still talking about that thing. Your power scanner is broken, #16... There is no power on this planet that can match ours. Don't make me explain this to you again. (Gingertown)

Monster: Looks like you got away, but since you can't use one of your arms, our stance has changed.

Kamicolo: Yes, my balance is off, so this going to be difficult. Unfortunately, it looks like you win.

Monster: (He laughs) So you're finally giving up, huh? Be happy for yourself, for with your energy, I shall be close to reaching total perfection...

Kamicolo: Total perfection?

Monster: You are going to do me some real good. Aren't you happy?

Kamicolo: Before you absorb me, let me know something. What are you? Why do you possess Goku and Freezer's kis and are able to use the Kamehameha?

Monster: Okay, since you're going to die anyway, I'll tell you. My name is Cell, and I'm an android.

Kamicolo: An android?

Cell: The computer that Dr. Gero used had created me.

Kamicolo: Damn, that Dr. Gero again

Cell: A long time ago Dr. Gero started collecting cells from the greatest warriors of all time, from which he will create his androids. But it took too much time to develop, so he quit the project. But his computer continued processing the program. ( Shows a screen shot of Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa) Piccolo... (shows the ape Vegita stepping on Goku legs) Son Goku...(Shows a screen shot of ape Gohan falling on Vegita) And Vegita's cells were given to me when Vegita first came to Earth to fight.

Kamicolo: Goku from that time..? No wonder that Kame-Hame-Ha was so weak.

Cell: And then...(Screen shot of Trunks killing Freezer and King Cold) Freezer and his father came to Earth as well, so I was fortunate enough to get their cells as well. I could have gotten Trunks cells, but I had enough data on the Saiyajins.

Kamicolo: How did you get the cells? We didn't sense anything strange going on.

Cell: You should have heard from Dr. Gero that a robot spy was watching over you guys. It was small as a bee. You never noticed it. It was gathering up your cell tissue. Look closely (He pints to his side) It's here even now, sending data to the computer. Maybe it wants your cells even now. (Kamicolo destroys it with a ki blast and cell laughs) It's useless for you to try and destroy it. It's already taken the necessary cell tissue to study. I shall reach perfection in 24 years.

Kamicolo: No way! We destroyed Dr. Gero's lab!

Cell: The computer is located far underneath that lab.

Kamicolo: Okay. It took you three years to hatch from the egg. On this Earth you needed three years to develop so as to hatch from the egg.

Cell: That's it. Now, allow me to absorb you

Kamicolo: One last question... Why did you come from the future?

Cell: For me to become a perfect being, absorbing human energy would not be enough to satisfy the necessary energy requirements. The computer told me that the combined energy of two beings was necessary. #17 and #18 which were created by Dr. Gero are necessary to me.

Kamicolo: What? (Flashback of how #18 breaking Super Saiyajin Vegita and #17 punching Piccolo in the gut)

Cell: But in my future, this Trunks destroys #17 and #18, so they didn't exist. But lucky for me, this Trunks had a time machine. (Trunks charging at Cell and gets his neck broken) So, I killed Trunks and got the time machine to come this time period. (shows him deforming, then digging into a hole)

Kamicolo: Why did you choose this time period?

Cell: Trunks had already set the time machine to this period. All I did was press the switch.

Kamicolo: (Thinking to himself) Okay... Trunks probably set the machine so he could let us know how he was able to destroy the Androids. And this creature...

Cell: The computer also said that, if I reach perfection, I will attain unimaginable powers

Kamicolo: Why? For what reason would you want such power?

Cell: Reason? You ask stupid questions. The computer was programmed to create the strongest being possible. Or maybe it's the blood of the Saiyajins, and that Freezer wanted such power.

Kamicolo: Okay.

Cell: That's enough...

Kamicolo: Sorry, but now all the mysteries are solved. ( He tears off the deformed arm and grows a new one)

Cell: You! You made me tell you everything.

Kamicolo: I can't let you reach perfection. You may have my blood, but you forgot about my power to regenerate. (Cell is pissed)

Narrator: Have the circumstances tuned? But we don't know the full power of this monster just yet. Z-Senshi, don't let Cell reach total perfection!

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Goku: Hi, I'm Goku! That Cell got his chance to do whatever he wanted while I was asleep. When I wake up, I'm gonna pound him.

Cell: I'll definitely get #17 and #18, reach total perfection and get all of their powers

Goku: Next time on Dragonball Z "Piccolo's Painfully Huge Mistake. Cell goes out into Town"

© Eric - Script written by KngKakarot