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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Essence Elf

Evo Expansion

Date Reviewed: 7.16.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.7
Limited Average Rating: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Cecillbill ESSENCE ELF
In the CCG world Elves seem to find jobs as resource producers or resource
managers. The two Elf creatures in Duel Masters--actually they're both Tree
Folk--are no exceptions. Essence Elf's cost reduction effect for spells puts
it in resource management heaven. Want a cheaper Holy Awe? Of course you do!

2 mana is cheap for any creature packing a helpful effect. That's a good
thing when it comes to the Nature civ because its mana gain fits
hand-to-glove with cheap ceatures. Let's be honest, you'd only play Essence
to reduce the costs of your spells. The cost reduction effect is best abused
if you cast Essence the same turn that you can cast a key spell. At least
that's how I love to play this creature. Cast Essence, play a 2 mana
Dimension Gate to fish out Barkwhip, then cast Barkwhip. You've gotten to
your Evo for 6 mana instead of 7. That 1 less mana can spell the difference
between being able to cast Barkwhip same turn or not. That type of
"essence-abuse" is fairly easy to do with a mono-Nature deck. Of course this
gets even better when you have more than one Essence Elf in the battle zone
since both reduce the cost of your spells by one. And, it just gets plain
nuts if you have both Essence Elf and Elf-X out on the field--in multiples.
: )

Two words: 1000 power. Every kill spell in the game, except Critical Blade,
can toast this creature. Moreover, every creature that is able to attack can
kill it too. Cost reduction in Duel Masters comes with a price--you get
barely any attack power behind it. Essence Elf doesn't have staying power,
and that's the reason its ideal to drop Essence in the battle zone the same
turn you can cast a spell. Otherwise prepare to block for this creature or
see it die before you can play spells for cheap.

I don't know about you, but I like getting good stuff for bargin prices.
While Essence one of the most venerable creatures in the game, its cheap
cost in conjunction with mana gain means its effect can see use the same
turn its summoned.

Constructed: 2/5. In mono-Nature this card is super. Essence makes it eaiser
to cast Natural Snare, slap down Mana Crisis, and reap the benefits of
Dimension Gate. In 2 civ or more decks, the majority of players skip Essence
in favor of the mana producers like Bronze and Shouter.

Limited: 2/5. I'd go for the mana producers or pump effect Nature creatures.
& Chips
Hey Everyone! Fish here(again) looking at Essence Elf. With Essence Elf, all of
your speels cost 1 less mana to cast, meaning 1 mana Crimson Hammers. Play them
in multiples, and even cheaper spells. You should definetly add at least 2 to
your deck, because they could save you. Spells costing 1 mana less mean that you
can do more with your mana, and that's always a good thing. It's also cheap,
costing 2 mana to play. Cheaper spells are faster too, meaning Holy Awe on the
4th or 5th turn depending on how many you have out. A lot better than Elf X in
it's department. Nature creatures are already cheap, Elf X is a space waster.
But this isn't about Elf X. Only 1000 power means that you can't attack with it
though, or your opponent will be more than happy to pick it off. This is the
best card all week.

Pros: 1 less mana to cast, what more can you say? It itself is cheap too.

Cons: Low power means it will get killed if it's tapped.

Constructed: 4.5/5 Cheap spells :)
Limited: 4.5/5 Same thing.

Hey everyone this is Chips with a review of Essence Elf.

This card is cheap and the effect is good too. It makes all spells you play cost 1 less to use, that's a good effect definetely if you use them in multiples then you can drop the mana you need to cast it by 2 or 3 or even 4 mana. This card can only really be used for it's effect because it only has 1000 power meaning if it attacks it will most likely be destroyed on your opponent's next turn. This card is also very cheap because it only takes 2 mana to play dropping most 2 or 3 mana spells down early in the game is very good.

Pros: Cheap, spells cost 1 less to play

Cons: weak, can be destroyed easily

Limited 4/5

Knives101 Essence Elf

This card can be very good in the right deck. First of all it's a good card to play during your second turn. Playing cards very early in the game is a good thing. That's why a lot of people like Bloody Squito, and Deadly Fighter Braid Claw. The low cost of Essence Elf allows you to easily recast her if she is bounced or destroyed. For every spell that you play your mana pool gains one extra mana for the turn. That is pretty much what Essence Elf can do for you. If you have two of her in play then you can pretty much use up your entire hand in one turn. Essence Elf is much better than Elf-X because she is much cheaper. Elf-X doesn't help you out until the fifth turn of the game. Essence Elf can allow you to play a Death Smoke on the third turn of the game.

Final Rating: 4 This card is just going to keep on getting better as more and more spells come out.

Limited Rating: 4
Essence Elf - This card looked good in theory, but right now most of the good spells are 2 mana just like this Elf (Spiral Gate, Ghost Touch, Crimson Hammer, Critical Blade). It could help by helping you squeeze out a Turn 3 Death Smoke or Turn 4 Tornado Flame.
Maybe that works for your playstyle - for me, it is a bit dangerous. A random Essence Elf can hep in the late game when you need to combo a couple 2 to 5 mana spells to get cards off the field or out of the opponent's hands, but there are also some creatures that help in that regard. Essence Elf, however only seems to be on the field to make things cheaper -- it is susceptable to the very spells it is trying to accelerate, and Essence Elf just doesn't have much beef to kill any tapped creatures and won't be around long if it gets tapped. I think I'd opt for paying full mana price for my spells and try to get a creature on the board that has a little more impact.

Constructed 2 / 5
Limited 2.5 / 5 (although there are not many choice spells to find making the rounds of the draft table in the colors one decides to play).



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