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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

sniper mosquito
Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Sniper Mosquito

Card #54

Date Reviewed: 11.02.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.9
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

The Antman
Sniper Mosquito - Common-#54(DM-03)

Hi everyone today we have Sniper Mosquito

Sniper Mosquito (to put it bluntly) stinks. sure you got a turn 1 2000 attacker for 1, but is it worth returning your only mana to your hand for it? I think not =/. If the opponet gets a turn 1 blocker out you got a dead creature on the field. The only use I see for this is with Gigamantis evo.

constructed- 2.9/5 this is generous of a rating and it only gets this high because it is cheep Gigamantis evo. bait
limited- 1/5 it is useless unless you get a Gigamantis which is very unlikely.

Final Thought- Don't use it in any format, and only use it with Gigamantis and even then only if you have to.
Knives101 Sniper Mosquito

Now here's a card that I know. You see one day I just got tired of running Barkwhip in my Mono-Nature deck. Barkwhip was just dealt with too easily, and I felt that I needed draw power. Evolutions can really sap a guy's hand lol. Anyway I decided to try out the insect evo line just for kicks. That and I wanted draw power from Sniper. After using Sniper for quite a while I discovered that he's not the "attack and draw ten times a game card" that I thought he was. He usually just attacks once and then dies. So you get to trade Sniper for pretty much anything in your mana zone. That's a very good trade-off when you kill Sniper to grab a Dash Horn or FDF. One of the greatest things about Sniper Mosquito is that you can play a rumbling Terahorn, then search your deck for Sniper, and play it all in one turn. All for only six mana. Sniper offers good versatility for Mono-Nature.

Rating: 4
cecillbill Sniper Mosquito
The Beast Folk get all the love and the Giant Insects get...sprayed with bug repellent. Sniper Mosquito may not be as famous as its folksy cousins, but it can turn "excess mana" into "draws."

1. Nature has a 1 drop. Yippie-kai-yaay! Oh, wait..it's not so great in the early game, but coming on the cheap to fish out a card form the mana zone later on is a neat asset.

2. Cheap evo bait for Gigamantis. That's another mana-making critter. Not bad.

3. Can help you grab a needed creature or spell that you can't seem to draw from your deck but did manage to plop down as mana earlier--especially true if Bronze or Fighter made you do it.

1. As your first attacker out the gate, it can set you back on mana generation by 1 every time in manages to swing. Not too harsh if your next play is Steel Smasher or Burning Mane, but still not the best thing in the world. Best used to fish something out the mana zone when the mana's at a comfortable level and when there's something you really need like FDF or Nature Snare. This is not the guy you want swinging a lot unless it's late game and you have so much mana that you hate the color green. Most often it's played to get to Gigamantis. And, that's not a bad thing.

2. 2000 power is very easy to deal with. I kinda feel better when this guy swings and hits a shield--but if you remember when it's best to use it--to fish something you need from the mana zone--then not hitting a shield isn't so bad. Oh, and it's better to fish something out that you can use fairly quickly rather than holding onto it for too long--lest it be prone to hand discard.

3/5. Sniper offers something that you don't see as being worth it at first until you've cast you whole hand due to all the plentiful mana and start top decking the little Nature guys. At that point you just want to evolve one of them with the Fifgter you see in your mana zone or get back that Snare.
Enter Sniper...


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