Control a word used in all game including this one. It's also a very big deck type. Right now the two biggest control colors are blue and black.


    Lets talk about blue right now:

With cards spiral gate, teleportation, and aqua sniper, Blue has a lot of bounce power. This then makes way blues next part the unblockables to start chipping away at the shields. Also blue players can get cards they need faster with spells like crystal memory and draw more cards with creatures like plasma chaser. In the end with blue once they get working it's hard to stop them.


    Now the darker side of the the game Black:

While I am not a black player I have seen how deadly it is. While the spells cost a lot they take control of the game. with cards like terror pit, death smoke, lost soul, and ghost touch, Black controls what you have in your hand and what you have on your field while keeping control of their field. After all this Black is one of the most dangerous colors when it gets running.


    When these two colors are put together it has control written all over and makes an awsom deck were if a creture stays on your opponents side for more than a turn it's better of in the graveyard.


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