Components of the Deck - Guardian Sieg


hi. this is how i seperate the main components of a deck and how each one is important.



this is one of the most important if not the most important part of a deck. these are your smaller "lead off" creatures. mini boomers take a big part of a deck because you'll either be summoning these creatures or blockers in your 1st or 2nd turn. their summoning costs are only 1-3 mana which makes them nice and quick, such as braid claw, bronzearm, horrid worm, and aqua hulcus. they're the ones that get things started by breaking the first shield, adding more mana, and the ones that you will evovle. plus it sounds much better then weenie rush, which i think is negative sounding.


Blockers -

blockers are very important espcially for the civilizations that have them. of course decks can be played without them as seen with fire and nature. but blockers can never be underestimated. because one blocker whether it has the 1000 to 9000 attack points can stop that double break or last attack.


Power Attackers -

these are the mid-game attackers that take out the smaller creatures, blockers, and shields. they are  power attackers like volcandon and stonesaur, and the solid attackers like fear fang. they are not the most needed creatures but they are very good, balanced support.


Breakers -

this term i just use for the bigs. the double breakers. the large field effects (i.e. scarlet skyterror/vampire silphy). i always think for any deck there should be your signature creature that makes the deck your own and usually has big effect when on the field. your "deck master" if you will. or just creatures that you have that seem to break the most shields.


Evolution -

i usually include them with the Breakers because they have become a big part of the game. if they apply to your deck, then use them. they provide low mana cost (for the most part), powerful, swift attack creatures. evolution creatures bring impact when they come on field and are nothing to laugh at.


Spells -

which consist of around 1/4 of the deck. they are big support cards that give creature removal, searching, tapping, and bouncing. and include the all important, game-changing shield triggers. shield triggers is what makes this game exciting.