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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Prevented Spirit

Sorry for the gap in columns. The column intended to be put up Friday was actually put up Monday, and, as a result, I got lazy.

Also, there's no tournament report this week. We didn't hold FNM on Halloween.


Q: I cast Consume Spirit on my opponent for 5 damage. In response, he casts Sunfire Balm on himself. Will I gain 5 or 1 life?

-Darren N.

A: 5. Consume Spirit only cares about how much you spent on X - it does not care how much damage was dealt.


Q: If I have March of the Machines comes into play, do artifacts keep their abilities?

A: Yes.


Q: If I attack or block with a (normally) Non-Creature artifact and disenchant March of the Machines:

... before the damage is on the stack, what happens?

A: Nothing much. The artifacts won't be creatures any more, so they are immediately removed from combat (306.2). Since damage is not on the stack yet, they are no longer attacking or blocking, and no damage will be assigned.


Q: ... after the damage is on the stack?

A: The damage is dealt as originally assigned. Since the artifacts aren't creatures any more, they can't be dealt damage (310.4c). The creatures opposite the artifacts in combat (or the player, if the artifacts were attacking and unblocked) will still be dealt the damage that was assigned to them.


Q: Got Sulfuric Vortex and Form of the Dragon in play and my life total is 2, do I go up to 5 life at end of turn?

A: No. Any attempt at a life change in the positive direction is considered life gain (definition, Life, Life Total). Since 5>2, you are going in the positive direction, and the life total change will be annulled. You will remain at 2.


Q: Got Sulfuric Vortex, Worship, and a creature in play and my life total is 1. my opponent uses a Shock on me, do I lose?

-Fernando G.

A: No. Worship doesn't prevent damage or make you gain life. It changes what happens to your life total.


Q: My opponent has a Frogmite in play. I play an Engineered Plague. What creature type do I need to pick for the Frogmite to get -1/-1?

-Jonathan L.

A: You can't make Engineered Plague give Frogmite -1/-1, since Frogmite doesn't have a creature type.


Q: Regarding Humility: If a player has out any given creature, and an enchantment, say, Rancor, is attached to it, and then Humility is played, the creature is reverted to 1/1, without trample, correct?

A: Correct.


Q: What if Humility is played, and then Rancor is played?

A: The creature will be a 3/1 creature with trample. Rancor's timestamp is later than Humility's, so Rancor "wins."


Q: As an aside, a while back, there was a thing going on about Humility/Opalescence. What ended up happening with that?


A: From the September 2003 Rules Team Rulings (they changed 418.5a to its current wording, which gave us the following ruling):

* Some effects, such as Humility's effect, have been clarified by this change. Humility doesn't affect any type-, supertype- or subtype-changing effects at all, so the scenario of Opalescence + Opalescence + Humility, which had been really confusing, is now simple to handle. Opalescence creates a type-changing effect. Humility creates an "other" effect and a power/toughness-changing effect. Opalescence's effect is always applied before Humility's effects. As a result, all enchantments are 1/1 creatures with no abilities if Humility and one or more Opalescences are in play.


Q: I have a Chimeric Idol in play. My opponent attacks me with a Wild Mongrel. I activate the Chimeric Idol during my Declare blockers step. Can my opponent target the Idol (now a creature) before I can declare it as a blocker?


A: First, if you change Chimeric Idol into a creature during the Declare BLOCKERS step, this means that blockers have already been declared, and it is too late to block with the Idol.

If you change it during the Declare ATTACKERS step, then yes, it can be targeted before it is declared as a blocker, as both players have to pass priority consecutively with the stack empty to move on to the Declare Blockers step. Since the Idol has changed into a creature, obviously, the stack wasn't empty (the Idol's ability had to be on the stack).


Q: If I have an Arc Slogger out along with ten mana and I decide to use his effect 10 times, no damage is prevented, shouldn't I win the game?

-Conley W.

A: Only if you had 100 or more cards in your library. Removing the top 10 cards of your library from the game is a cost. Therefore, you have to be able to remove 10 cards to play the ability. If you didn't have 100 cards in your library, then you will be unable to play the ability 10 times, as you can't pay the cost for all 10 activations.


Q: If my friend is declaring his attackers, can I respond by tapping one with Icy Manipulator?

A: No. Once you get to the point of actually declaring attackers, you can't do anything until attackers are declared. You would have to tap the creature BEFORE attackers were declared.


Q: Does Maze of Ith stop Akroma from attacking?


A: No. Maze of Ith has never stopped creatures from attacking.

However, all damage dealt by and dealt to Akroma will be prevented, yes. You can untap an untapped creature just fine.


Q: Can Nomads en-Kor redirect damage to another creature if he has not received any damage from the other player.


A: Yes. In fact, he must play the ability that redirects damage before it is actually dealt.


Q: If I name Giant or Bird with Shared Triumph, and an Ageless Sentinels blocks, does it get the boost?

A: By the time it would deal damage, yes, it would.


Q: How does Ebonblade Reaper and Platinum Angel work? If you are at -8 life, and you attack with the Reaper, what would happen? Would you lose nothing, or lose negative 4 life as an effect of halving your life by Ebonblade Reaper?

A: Except for raising your life above 0, the game acts like your life total is 0 (104.2). So Ebonblade Reaper would make you lose half of 0, or 0 life.


Q: If I Thought Prison somebody and choose an instant from their hand to imprint, such as Fog, can they play Fog in response?

A: No. See Mantra 1.


Q: If I attach Lightning Greaves to a creature with enchantments on them, do they fall off as an effect of the Greaves?

-Ray C.

A: No. Enchantments only target when they are played.


Q: Does Yawgmoth's Agenda affect all players or just me?

A: Just you. All cards, unless they say otherwise, affect just the controller of the card.


Q: Can I tap lands for Mana anytime not paying for anything and take mana burn?


A: If the land has a mana ability, then yes, you can play the mana ability to put mana into your pool, and then not spend it.


Q: I would like to know what happens if my opponent casts Mana Severance removing all lands, then activates Goblin Charbelcher, I let it resolve then make him draw a card.


A: By the time you can make him draw a card, all of the cards are back in the library. See Mantra 1.

(You are most likely dead also, but that is another story altogether.)


Q: My opponent attacks with a creature. I block with my creature. Before damage is assigned, I cast Grab the Reins on my opponent's creature. I now have control of his creature. Is his creature removed from combat?

A: Yes. If a creature changes controllers, it is removed from combat (306.2).


Q: Then, can my opponent still assign combat damage to my creature despite the fact that I now control his creature?


A: No. The creature has been removed from combat, so it won't assign or deal any damage in combat.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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