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Magic The Gathering - Official Encyclopedia.  (Volume 1)

This is a pretty cool book.  It features over 2000 cards from the original Limited edition to Alliances, as well as discontinued cards and promotional cards.  These include cards from the following sets: 4th edition; Chronicles; Ice Age; Alliances; Arabian Nights; Antiquities; Legends; The Dark; Fallen Empires; and Homelands.  Every card is printed in full color is this large, beautiful book ( 8-1/2" x 11", 222 pages). The book is printed on high quality paper too.  This book comes in handy when researching cards for decks you are creating. 

I got into Magic well after most these cards were printed.  It is great to look at the cards I wished I had - that are out of print: Juzam Djinn; Black Lotus; Time Walk; etc.   The book also highlights the most useful cards of each set. 

This book will not teach you any playing strategies, but I think it is a good reference book for your library.  I have really used this book a lot when constructing my Extended Decks.  I can look through it and evaluate cards very easily for my decks.

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