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In the summer of '96, I saw some young kids in the 'hood playing Magic on their front porch.  Wow what a cool game!  But having the game explained to me by these chuckleheads was getting me nowhere.  I needed to learn it myself.  So, I figured I'd pick up a book and read about this game, and learn how to get started.

To make a long story short.  I quickly got addicted to M:TG, and also read and collected most of the M:TG books along the way.  These books helped me become a much better player.  I have read over 25 books on Magic, and reviewed most of them here.  There are a few scragglers out there, but I got most of 'em covered.

I linked all the Book Reviews to Amazon.com so you can order any of them at a discount.  :-)

I hope you find the reviews worthwhile.

- Pojo

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to   If a book isn't reviewed here yet, then I have yet to purchase it.  If you are an author or publisher, and want me to review one of your books.  Feel free to mail me a copy. (hasn't happened yet, but you never know)

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