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Pojo's Megaman Card of the Day

Image from Decipher

  AirMan, Ready to Blow

Grand Prix!

2 C 1

Date Reviewed: 11.01.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

tcorbett 2 C 1 AirMan, Ready to Blow NetNavi

Rating: 3.5/5. AirMan has a low Strength, average Defense, and above average Blast. His ability is a nice one. Every time you play a BattleChip, you bounce two of your opponent's Resources.

His colors are Blue and Green. He has two Blue Resources (Air Head and Arashi, Wide Open), two Green Resources (Full of Hot Air and Spin Cycle), a Blue Event (Blown Away), and a BattleChip that requires 2 Blue (Wind). Because of this, AirMan decks tend to lean toward Blue.

AirMan's strategy revolves around bouncing Resources. Besides his own ability, AirMan decks will often use Flush Out Your Opponent (Blue Event that bounces two Resouces) or even Like Father, Like Son (Blue Event that bounces three Resources).
This way, the Resource bouncing is more controlled. Also, since AirMan usually gives his opponent a large hand, he'll either take advantage of it or take it away. Tornado (BattleChip that gives +1 for each card in your opponent's hand) is often used in AirMan decks. Unfortunately, AirMan's ability won't kick in until after the BattleChip is played, so it's a good idea to play AreaSteal (BattleChip that gives +2 Strength and lets you play another BattleChip for the cost of Burning one Power) before playing Tornado. Also, Blue cards that force discarding (Loud and Clear, Correction, and to an extent ProtoMan, Controlled Fury) work very nice with AirMan. To make things even worse, throw in Grave Problem (Blue Event that bounces your opponent's entire Power Gauge to their hand). With no Resources and no Power, there's very little your opponent can do to stop whatever attack you decide to do. Of course, with no hand, either, they can't do much of anything at all. :)

As for his specific cards, his Blue Resources effect Blast. Air Head gives a NetNavi +2 Blast until the end of next turn for the "cost" of placing a card from your hand on top of your deck.
So, you not only make it very hard for your opponent to Blast (impossible for PharaohMan, IceMan, ProtoMan, Unbeatable, and MegaMan, BattleMaster) but you have a chance at stacking your Gauge for next turn. On top of that, it's a no requirement Blue Resource. Unfortunately, it's only a 2 Destiny. That wouldn't normally matter for someone with a Blast of 3, but his NetOp Arashi makes it matter. Arashi lowers AirMan's Blast by 1 for each other AirMan card in play. If you have a lot of high Destiny cards, or use cards like Bitten (Blue Resource that lets you place two cards from your hand into your Power Gauge for the cost of ditching a card with your Emblem on it) to stack your Power Gauge, Arashi's effect is VERY nice. You have to be careful with Arashi, though. Arashi doesn't count himself, but if you have no other AirMan Resources in play, your Blast is 2.
If you have another one, your Blast is 1. If you have two other AirMan Resources, your Blast is ZERO, which means you can't Blast at all.

His Green Resources are also about putting more cards into your deck. Full of Hot Air puts itself on top of your deck. If you can keep from taking damage, it'll go to your Gauge, which is a GOOD thing since it's a 5. If you do take damage, it's more or less reducing the damage you take by 1. Spin Cycle lets you recharge two energy for the cost of putting a card from your Power Gauge on top of your deck. It's like Rich Kid, except you're not really Burning the Power. It's going on top of your deck. So, it's more like you're burning 1 Power to recharge THREE Energy.

His Blue Event is an interesting form of discard. Blown Away makes you lose 1 Energy for each point of Blast you have. Then, you note their Destinies, your opponent reveals his hand, and then he discards any cards with the same Destinies as the Energy you lost. So, at the very least, it reveals your opponent's hand. Unfortunately, Arashi makes Blown Away less effective if you care more about discarding than revealing your opponent's hand. On the other hand, Arashi can make this Event into looking at your opponent's hand for no cost (i.e., having Arashi and two other AirMan Resources for a Blast of 0; you lose 0 Energy and look at their hand).

His BattleChip, Wind, is a big one. For the cost of discarding an AirMan card, you get +6 Strength and -1 Blast. That is VERY good. Now, the question has come up of what do you do if you have Arashi making your Blast 1 already since playing Wind will make your Blast 0. The answer is simple: Blast first. If your Blast is reduced to 0 AFTER you Blast, it won't matter for anything.

AirMan has a lot of potential. After all, with the right cards, he can get rid of everything your opponent has in play. Even though he sends Resources to their owner's hand, it doesn't mean that they will have the chance to play them again. Remember that after your opponent Powers Up and Draws, he has to discard down to 5. So, if you've bounced 2 or even 4 Resources to his hand, most likely, you're going to make him have to choose between his Resources and his hand. And that's only if you don't just make him ditch his hand anyway.



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