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"Power Up" Spoiler




Pojo's Megaman Card of the Day

Image from Decipher


Fully Charged

Power Up!

Collecter# 1 C 2

Date Reviewed: 10.20.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.95
Limited Average Rating: 2.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

tcorbett 1 C 1 ElecMan, Fully Charged NetNavi

Rating: 3/5. ElecMan has the lowest stats in the game. 1 Strength is below average and no one else has 0 Defense yet.
However, he does have a Blast of 1, which is a good thing, especially with his ability to Power Up twice after playing a BattleChip. Because of this, ElecMan can easily Blast every turn. Unfortunately, his low Strength means that you almost HAVE to fill your deck with high Destiny to ensure that you actually do damage when you Blast.

ElecMan's colors are Green and Yellow. He has two Resources for Green (Count Zap, Metal Head, and Charging Up), two Resources for Yellow (Double Zap Energized), 1 Event for Yellow (Shocker), and a BattleChip that requires two Yellow (Thunder1). So, ElecMan decks usually are mostly Yellow.

ElecMan strategies usually revolve around BattleChips, Powering Up, and Blasting multiple times a turn. Also, since his ability gives him a lot of Powering Up, you don't have to run many Power Up cards like Fish Intervention. Instead, you can easily run a good deal of Resource and Power distruption like Smack Down and Let 'Em Have It. Also, It's An Emergancy is very nice for stacking your Power Gauge since with that Blast of 1.

As for his specific cards, his two Yellow Resources assist with Blasting. Energized puts itself into your Power Gauge to give you a guarrenteed 4. Double Zap let's you Blast an extra time.

His two Green Resources are for keeping him alive long enough to take out his opponent. Charging Up let's you Burn a Power to recharge two Energy (same effect as Rich Kid, but a 4 Destiny instead of a 2). Count Zap, Metal Head, lets you recharge and Energy whenever you play another ElecMan card.

Shocker is a particually nasty Event. It allows you to Blast two extra times, which is very good by itself. However, you're Blasting from your opponent's Gauge! So, not only do you get two extra Blasts, but you're making your opponent lose two Power as well!

Thunder1 has an effect that's similar to the BoysBombs. It's twice as strong as BoysBomb, but has a much harsher requirement:
2 Yellow AND ditching two Yellow cards. BoysBomb3 puts Thunder1 to shame, unfortunately.

The major draw back to ElecMan is the fact that he can burn himself out very quickly if you're not careful. He's going to be taking damage every turn and the Powering Up takes even more life from you.

Games with ElecMan tend to go quickly. Either he wins fast, or he loses fast. Because of this, it takes a skilled player to get ElecMan to work.

Elecman - Netnavi - Power up Set
Strength 1
Defense 0
Blast 1

Hello to all. Some of you may know me from Dbz Cotd's and now i've left those to do Megaman Cotds!

Anyway, for this weeks cotds we will be looking at lots of netnavis. Elecman is the first. Ive played this deck myself minus all the SRs and URs you need to make him a force to reckon with. Elecman is all about blasting as you can see. From his blast of 1. To some of his cards that let you blast multiple times and wont go against your blast limit. His battlechip can add even more damage to your opponent as well along with boysbomb. His ability allows him to power up twice when you play a battle chip. So having a full power gauge isnt that hard to obtain. Count Zap, Elecmans NetOp, lets you recharge an energy everytime you play an elecman card. This is definitely a must in elecman decks. Since he has no defense you will be taking 2-3 energy a turn. Elecman decks usually run Yellow/Green cards. Since green recharges while yellow is elecmans primary cards.

Rating 2.9 - Great blast, Bad defense.


New Feature: If you think this review is too long to read, just skip straight to the scores and then read the summary for a concise overview!  Yes, the summary now lives up to its name.


MegaMan is still a relatively new game.  As such, some of my terminology may be confusing, as I plan on using the game specific terms to refer to cards.  For example, Energy refers to cards in your deck, but Power refers to cards in your Power Gauge.  Confused?  You can download the current rule book here, from Decipher’s MegaMan TCG site.  If something doesn’t make sense, make sure the game meaning is being applied to the word.


Name   : ElecMan

Title     : Fully Charged

Set       : Power-Up!

ID         : 1 C 1

Type    : NetNavi

Emblem: [El]

Strength: 1

Defense: 0

Blast    : 1

Effect   : Whenever you play a BattleChip, you may power up twice.



Electricity: is it in you?


Please note that I have not played as ElecMan, though I have faced it.


Stats                : This is the only ElecMan in play, so its title serves as little more than a colorful descriptor.  Since he’s the only ElecMan, he misses out on some bonuses that Navis like MegaMan (and so far, only MegaMan) get by having a larger pool of Navi-specific cards.  He also can’t benefit or be penalized like ProtoMan: a ProtoMan promo came out before the Starter deck version, and some cards favor one version over the other.  ElecMan naturally provides an ElecMan Emblem, which looks not unlike a “pointy” question mark missing the dot.  The official abbreviation from Decipher’s own spoiler is [El].  I will try to use their choice of symbol representation.  You can find their spoilers on their site.


Aside from his own unique Name, Title, and Emblem, ElecMan also has memorable “side” stats.  His Strength is the lowest in the game, just one.  It is shared by six other NetNavis, making it the most common as well.  His Defense is the lowest in the game, zero!  The only Navi he actually hurts without any powering up is… himself!  Finally, he has the lowest Blast we have seen: a Blast of one is sweet indeed!  You could Blast every turn if you wished.  The downside is you are stuck with what you get, so Destiny Numbers will matter much more.


Card Effect       : This is why ElecMan has such a horrid Strength and Defense.  Well, some of that went to paying off his sweet B1 (Blast one), but the lion’s share of his stat penalties (assume 2/2/2 is baseline) went to paying of his sweet, sweet effect.  Each battle chip lets him power up… twice!  With four of them, you could Area Steal from one Power to five Power in your Power Gauge.  There is one downside: every time you power up, it’s basically one damage to yourself.


Uses/Combos   : Here’s a brief rundown of ElecMan’s Navi-specific cards.  Since this is only the third NetNavi we have covered, I want to explain one bit of wording: when I say something like “you must be running [Insert NetNavi Name/] to use this card” it would mean that said card requires one of that NetNavi’s Emblems, since currently there is no way to play an Emblem with the Navi it matches already being in play.


Charging Up and Count Zap, Metal Head are Green Resources.  Both only require you to be running ElecMan.  Charging Up Spends it’s self and burns a Power to recharge to Energy.  Count Zap is a NetOp, triggering a Recharge when you play ElecMan cards.  Both also have good Destiny Numbers (4/5 respectively), and aid in recharging, something you’ll need to do a lot of with all the Powering Up and low Defense.  Failure to get these cards into play, from what I have seen, will make winning nearly impossible: ElecMan tends to be to Energy inefficient to last very long.


Double Zap and Shocker let you bend the rules of Blasting.  Double Zap is an inexpensive Yellow Resource: just be using ElecMan.  Spending it let’s you Blast once without it counting against your Blast Limit (i.e. the rule saying you can only Blast once on your turn).  It even has a solid Destiny Number of three.  Shocker is a Yellow Event, and somewhat pricey.  You need three ElecMan Emblems in play and three Power in your Gauge to put it into play and two Power to burn in order to use it.  It’s worth it though, since it not only let’s you get Blast two extra times, but those times are from your opponent’s Power Gauge.  To top things off, it has a Destiny Number of five.  Please remember that you are only allowed to Blast in your Main Phase, and it has been confirmed that is the only time you can play these two cards.


Energized is a Destiny 4 Yellow Resource.  It requires 3 Power in addition to ElecMan being your Navi.  This is kinda expensive for its effect: it just places itself in your Power Gauge.  With its good Destiny, this isn’t terrible, just not that awe-inspiring.


Finally we have ElecMan’s custom BattleChip, Thunder1.  It requires you run ElecMan (naturally), and requires two Yellow Resources be in play.  Here’s where it crashes and burns: while it gives you +2 Strength for each Power in your Gauge, you must discard two Yellow cards.  There are two general BattleChips with similar effects.  BoysBomb, which just needs one Yellow Resource and two Power to gain a +1 bonus to your Strength for each card in your Power Gauge, and has a Destiny of three.  You could also use BoysBomb3.  It has the same Destiny as Thunder1 (Destiny 5), and requires three Yellow Resources and four Power.  Then, you must lose two Energy to make your NetNavi Strength +3 for each card in your Power gauge.  In the long run, that’s about as pricey as Thunder1 is.


Using ElecMan is difficult.  The “expected” path is to go Yellow/Green.  Green is used primarily for its Recharging properties, though some might use its search aspect as well: ElecMan is very combo intensive.  I have seen people try and use his Yellow side to fill his Power Gauge quickly, but I wonder how wise that is: ElecMan can do that pretty well on his own, and the effort would be better spent destroying the opponent’s Resources and Power.  Doing so keeps your opponent from smacking ElecMan upside the head. ;)


When I get around to running ElecMan, I’ll naturally run most of his cards.  I’ll most likely run Upload: with all the damage I take and Power I burn, my discard will likely have everything I need.  Upload also ahs a good Destiny.  With a Blast of one, you need to avoid Destiny’s of less than three if at all possible.  I’ll use most of ElecMan’s cards other than Thunder1: it’s just too over-priced.  I wouldn’t necessarily run BoysBomb3 either: it needs a lot to be played.  Hitting hard with simple BattleChips like the Boomers and keeping the opponent low on Power and Resources sounds like the way to go, topped off with massive “chain” Blasts from Double Zap and Shocker.




Casual             : 1.5/5-ElecMan decks are very pretty thanks to all those shiny, foil cards.  Yeah, you need large amounts of Super and Ultra Rares to run this bad boy.  This translates to him being nearly useless without sinking a lot of cash into setting him up.  He also is difficult (although rewarding) to play.  This makes him painful to play for the casual gamer.


Tournament     : 3/5-Since I assume players spend a lot here; I am not punishing him heavily for that.  Where he really takes a beating is the differential system used to score Decipher MegaMan tournaments.  You “score” from winning depends on how many cards are left in your deck when you win.  You play two games, and you add the differentials together: if each player wins a game, you subtract the lower score from the higher score.  Finally, you get three bonus points for being the winner.  This kills ElecMan, who basically wins by throwing his deck at the opponent.  You can win consistently, even spectacularly, but the margin won’t be that high.  So decks that win less but by bigger margins will come out ahead.


Limited            : 1/5-No.  Don’t touch him.  You have to have a ridiculous amount of ElecMan support to even consider it in casual.  Doing it on the fly is insane.



ElecMan has what may arguably be thought of as a perfect Blast score (it leaves him stuck with whatever he gets), but no arguments that zero is the worst Defense.  His deck style is Suicide Beatdown: at least if you consider Blasting to fall into that category.  You keep powering up and Blasting and hope that your opponent runs out of Energy before you do.  ElecMan is for the skilled and the rich.


One last thing: ElecMan scores low, but it’s not his fault.  He suffers from the few blemishes on the MegaMan game: a poor rarity scheme (but far from the worst), the differential scoring system, and perhaps how the Life Decks have been executed in this game.  At least two of these things could be changed with relatively little trouble…




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