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Pojo's Megaman Card of the Day

Image from Decipher

  WackoMan, Whimsical

Power Up!

1 C 6

Date Reviewed: 10.29.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.5
Limited Average Rating: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


New Feature: If you think this review is too long to read, just skip straight to the scores and then read the summary for a concise overview!  Yes, the summary now lives up to its name.


MegaMan is still a relatively new game.  As such, some of my terminology may be confusing, as I plan on using the game specific terms to refer to cards.  For example, Energy refers to cards in your deck, but Power refers to cards in your Power Gauge.  Confused?  You can download the current rule book here, from Decipherís MegaMan TCG site.  If something doesnít make sense, make sure the game meaning is being applied to the word.


Name   : WackoMan

Title     : Whimsical

Set       : Power-Up

ID         : 1 C 6

Type    : NetNavi

Emblem: [Wa]

Strength: 1

Defense: 3

Blast    : 3

Effect   : Whenever you play a BattleChip, you may recharge an energy.



Who can take your drawing,

Twist it all around,

Make you draw until youíre sick

And make ya discard down?

The WackoMan

The WackoMan can!


I tried running him very early on and blew it, so as usual, this is from mostly passive observation.  Oh, and if the little ditty isnít making any sense, try singing it to the tune of The Candy Man Can from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. ;)


Stats                : This is the only version of WackoMan, so the Title means little.  WackoManís emblem is a circle divided into six pie-like slices of varying colors.


WackoMan has a weak S1, though lucks out that it is so common it isnít as big a disadvantage as one would think.  A beefy D1 offsets it nice: as stated before, that Defense can block the base Strength of any NetNavi currently out.  To finish off the stats, we see WackoMan has a B3.  This means WackoMan will Blast sparingly, but can expect a decent return so long as his deck isnít mostly low Destiny cards.


Card Effect       : Whenever you play a BattleChip, you get to Recharge and Energy, at least if you are running WackoMan.  This is a good ability.  After all, any BattleChip you play will hit the discard before the Recharge-effect kicks in.


Uses/Combos   : WackoManís is a Blue/Green NetNavi.  What are WackoManís own cards?


Clowning Around looks horrid at first: Itís a Green Resource that needs [Wa] and three Power.  And what happens when you spend it?  Your opponent draws three cards!  In most games, this would be completely insane: youíre helping your opponent get more stuff to use against you.  What makes it less bad in MegaMan is that it is also three less damage you need to do to win.  Still, you should try to avoid using it until you have a combo ready to go.  Even though it has a horrid Destiny 1, run four.


WackoManís other Green Resource is Maddy, Trickster.  Sheís a NetOp who just needs [Wa] to be put into play.  Like Clowning Around, the effect seems suicidal; whenever you play a WackoMan card, you may make your opponent draw 2 cards.  Again though, remember that it is also damage, and it can add up fast.  It also has a Destiny 3; average, but better than its partner.  Definitely run four.


WackoManís third Green Resource is Steamroll.  It just needs [Wa] to be put into play, but to spend it requires you burn four Power.  Itís worth it though: Recharge two Energy for each card in your opponentís hand.  Given WackoManís penchant for filling his opponentís hand, a good combo could resurrect half your deck.  It has a solid Destiny 3.  Run three, maybe four.


WackoMan has a single Blue Resource: Send in the Clowns.  Unfortunately, itís got another lousy Destiny1 score.  At least it only needs [Wa] to put it in play.  The effect is incredibly important to WackoMan decks, though: it turns all that draw power into near pure burn damage.  Run four.


Heartburn is a Blue Event that requires not only [Wa][Wa][Wa] but five Power to play, and it burns two Power as well.  The effect is worth it though: not only does your opponent discard all the cards in her/his hand, but he then loses an Energy for each of them as well.  So it turns all draw power you just used on them into not only burn, but also doubles the burn.  Itís also a Destiny 5 card.  You should run three, maybe even four.


The last WackoMan specific card we will look at is Discord.  This BattleChip needs [G][G][Wa] and requires you discard two Green cards.  Pretty pricey, but you get to add two to your Strength for each card in your opponents hand.  Definitely good for WackoMan.  It is also a Destiny 3 card: run 3, maybe even four.


Cards that work well with WackoMan are Correction and Loud and Clear; both give you an additional way to force your opponent to discard down.  Tornado is a less effective but easier to play version of Discord.  Another nasty card that works well with WackoManís style is Like Father, Like Son.  That card can bounce resources back to the ownerís hand.  So not only do you overload their hand, but you make it a lot easier to pull off sick combos uninterrupted.


Yes, there are a lot of cards to squeeze in.  Donít be surprised if you have to cut some of it.




Casual             : 2/5-This is a very dangerous tactic that requires a very extensive variety of cards.  Also, MegaMan, Cyber Hero laughs at discarding down: all that does it help him filter feed.


Tournament     : 3.5/5-It is one of the hardest decks to run.  One little mistake can turn your huge combo into your opponentís.


Limited            : 3/5-Assuming you can get some solid BattleChips, you can offset the bad Strength and Blast and ride out opposing hits with your solid Defense and frequent Recharging.


WackoMan is all about too much of a good thing.  You make your opponent draw huge amounts of cards, then force them to discard down.  If it works out, you can also do a few sick tricks to feed off their hand size.  Just remember that if they interrupt your combo, you may very well have merely helped set up their own killer combo.  This deck requires a lot of skill and luck.

tcorbett 1 C 6 WackoMan, Whimsical NetNavi

Rating: 3.5/5. WackoMan has a below average Strength, high Defense, and high Blast. His ability lets him recharge a card after you plays a BattleChip.

WackoMan's colors are Blue and Green. He has 1 Blue Resource (Send in the Clowns), 3 Green Resources (Clowning Around, Maddy, Trickster, and Steamroll), a Blue Event (Heartburn), and a BattleChip that requires 2 Green (Discord). Because of this, WackoMan is usually mostly Green, if not mono-Green.

WackoMan's strategy is indeed a wacky one. You make your opponent draw cards. Card advantage is usually very important, so giving your opponent more cards can be rather dangerous.
However, they're plenty of ways to make your opponent's card advantage into a disadvantage. In the very least, every card you make your opponent draw is one less card in his deck. So, it's really indirect damage. But WackoMan is all about combos that involve your opponent having a really big hand.

Mono-Green WackoMan decks tend to be mostly about recharging.
They still make their opponent draw a ton of cards and then use BattleChips like Tornado (+1 for each card in your opponent's hand), Geddon3 (+2 for each card in your hand and your opponent's hand), and WackoMan's own Discord to do a lot of damage. Then, Perfectly Executed (recharge a card for each point of damage you do to your opponent) or Steamroll for a ton of recharge.

WackoMan decks that also run Blue tend to use Blue's bouncing cards to not only make their opponent's hand even bigger, but to also keep them from actually USING the cards they draw that turn. Flush Out Your Opponent (bounces two Resources to their owner's hand), Like Father, Like Son (bounces THREE Resources), and Grave Problem (bounces your opponent's entire Power Gauge) are often found in these WackoMan decks, and sometimes along with Loud and Clear (opponent discards down to 3) and Correction (opponent discards down to 1).

As for his specific cards, his Blue cards lets him discard cards from his opponent's hand. Send in the Clowns makes your opponent discard down to 3 cards. So, it's very effective after you've just made your opponent draw a bunch of cards. Also, it's a no requirement Resource, so if your deck uses other Blue cards, that's a good thing. It's only 1 Destiny, but with a Blast of 3, that shouldn't be a problem. Heartburn can be a very devastating card. It makes your opponent discard their hand AND they lose an Energy for each card discarded this way.
So, if you've just made your opponent draw a ton of cards, Heartburn is NASTY! It has a 5 Power Requirement, so it won't be used more than 2 or 3 times in a game, but it's worth it.

His Green cards are all about his opponent's hand. Clowning Around makes your oppoent draw 3 cards. Perfect for setting up one of your combos. It's another 1 Destiny, but once again, that shouldn't matter much with 3 Blast. Maddy, Trickster, WackoMan's NetOp, makes your opponent draw 2 cards every time you play a WackoMan card. Usually, she's the heart to WackoMan's combos since she turns all of your WackoMan cards into Asking For It (Green Event that makes your opponent draw 2). Steamroll is actually one of WackoMan's combos. For the cost of 4 Power, you Recharge a card for each card in your opponent's hand. Perfect for after making your opponent draw a ton of cards.

His BattleChip Discord is a stronger version of Tornado. For the cost of discarding two Green cards, you get +2 Strength for each card in your opponent's hand.

WackoMan can be very strong when done correctly. His biggest weakness is the fact that he tends to be combo intensive. Well, that and the fact that you're making your opponent see more of their deck than they would. Because of this, it's hard to make a WackoMan deck that is consistant. When it works, it REALLY works. When it doesn't, it REALLY doesn't. Like I said, WackoMan is wacky. :)




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