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"Power Up" Spoiler




Pojo's Megaman Card of the Day

Image from Decipher


Power Up!

1 C 22

Date Reviewed: 9.27.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.5
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Multiple M:TG Pro Tour Appearances

The high Blast Destiny value makes this card very solid.  It's not the greatest advantage at 1 for 2, but it can certainly work well to cancel out a very powerful battlechip at the right time - especially a defensive one like WideSword.  More defensive decks, or REALLY offensive decks can utilize this to stop a critical Battlechip at the right time.  I see no problem at all with playing a couple of these.
Rating: 4



tcorbett Cancelled

Rating: 3/5. Canceling BattleChips is always a good thing.
However, not everyone plays with huge BattleChips like BigHammer1, LongSword (assuming he has a big hand), Discord (assuming you have a big hand), and MegaEnergyBomb (assuming he has 3 or 4 Blue Resources out). Against Chips like that, Cancelled is awesome. But when your opponent plays BattleChips like Cannonball and CyberSword, you have to pause and think to decide if they're worth canceling. After all, you're playing Blue, so any experienced player knows better than to simply throw everything into one attack. If they play a CyberSword this turn and you cancel it, they might throw a MegaEnergyBomb at you the next. But if you think they're just trying to lure out your Cancelleds and you wait, the big Chip might never come.
So, like most Blue strategies, it's a gamble.
CyberToast Cancelled:

I really like this card. Maybe thatís because I am a Magicman player, but still this card is pretty useful. Its high destiny makes it a great addition for decks that blast, while at the same time giving it a defensive outlet. If you run green you donít really have to worry about fueling it as you will more than likely be drawing a bit anyway. With some consideration playing it shouldnít be a problem. The only question with this card is how useful its ability is. When you see an M-Cannon or a Geddon3 hit the table you know its going to be your savior. However there are a lot of chips that do medium chunks of damage, for example, cannonball, invisible, boomer, Cybersword, etc. I cancel these chips if I know that there isnít anything stronger then that in my opponents deck. This is where you have to examine the situation to see if its worth it. Is your opponent going to be able to meet the requirements to play his/her big chips? Do you have something else that can prevent it so that you could prevent the damage now, like a WideSword or another Cancelled? Most of the time, I can see myself canceling anything that adds 4 or more to my opponents strength for the same reason people play Pretty Good Move; Stopping 4 damage is a good thing, and if you have the potential to stop more then you can. If someone plays a LaserBlast and you cancel it, and the next turn they play a jealousy and you take ten, youíve still prevented 5 damage, so it wasnít a bad play unless you knew the jealousy was coming. Cancelled also has the secondary capability of functioning as an offensive threat too. No one likes using a TimeBomb or a WideSword thinking they are safe only to have a cancelled make them take it in the face despite their efforts. Cancelled is a good card in the right decks if you know how to use it, too many people underrate this card because they donít know how to use it or are indecisive when it comes to strategies regarding when to cancel and when not to. This card has good offensive and defensive capabilities and at the same time boasts low requirements. All in all, a solid addition to most decks that have even a little blue in them.

Rating: 4.0



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