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Scott Gerhardt

"Power Up" Spoiler



I'm Confident You'll Like This
By: Scott Gerhardt 

     My greatest apologies for a lack of presence over the last couple of weeks.  A trip back top Texas for my High School Reunion kept me rather occupied.  When you don't get to go back home but every few years, you tend to be overly occupied when you do get the chance.  But now I'm back and I'll try to make it up to you.  I have a card from the 3rd set, Grave,  I get to spoil for you today.  The set isn't even released until December, but we have a sneak peak right now.


     So let's take a second to examine what we're looking at here.  The first that that jumped out at me was the set number.   3 U 50.  This tells me that Decipher is going to start going with some Uncommons instead of the jump from Common to Rare.  This makes me extremely happy.  The old system flooded you with commons way too fast, making them worthless.  This will give more value to the cards and strengthen the secondary market - that's a good thing to have your cards worth something. :)

     Secondly, we have a very solid power up card here.  In this game, having 1 card in hand is not that hard at all, but being able to power up twice can be devastating in the right decks.  Since Grand Prix, NetNavis have been costing more to blast on average.  I don't know if this trend is going to continue, but I would suspect so.  That said, simple, easy Power Ups like this one may get to see some play in decks that need to keep the flow of power up / blast going.  So basically what you're looking for here is any deck that can get into yellow, and needs to abuse the Power Up bar. 

     An extremely good way to abuse this would be with MagnetMan.  This is the other new, spoiler card from the Grave set.  When blasting results in recharging energy, then if you can be blasting most every turn, then you keep recharging most every turn.  This eventually gets quite abusive as you have a real nasty combo going.

      As more cards are released, there will be more and more combos with this.  Just know this - things that can accelerate your board with consistency in a particular area can often be key to victory.  Be inventive, go out there, and try to find your own combos.

     Until next time, keep playing!


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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