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WizKids Releases Pirates of the Spanish Main

July 28, 2004 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., makers of the best-selling HeroClix®, Mage Knight™ and MLB™ SportsClix™ collectable miniatures game (CMGs), announce the release of Pirates of the Spanish Main, the world’s first Constructible Strategy Game™ (CSG).

“Pirates of the Spanish Main captures the swashbuckling fun of a Hollywood pirate movie in a game that anyone can play,” said Jordan Weisman, WizKids® CEO. “A game takes about 20 minutes to play and about five minutes to learn.” In Pirates of the Spanish Main, players build ships from components punched out of styrene cards, create their own little corner of the Caribbean with islands full of treasure, and then compete to acquire the most loot — by any means necessary.

Everything one person needs to play, including rules, a die, ships, an island, and treasure, comes in one Game Pack, which retails for $3.99. Players can expand their collections by purchasing additional Game Packs. The game is fully supported by in-store demonstrations and organized play. For more information, visit

Founded by 20-year game-industry veteran Jordan Weisman, WizKids is a Seattle-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating tabletop games driven by imagination. Its Mage Knight, MechWarrior®, MLB™ SportsClix and HeroClix CMGs are among the most successful games on the market today, and the company has sold hundreds of millions of figures worldwide. WizKids’ games are fully supported with organized play at conventions and retail venues. For additional information, visit

©2004 WizKids Inc. All rights reserved. MechWarrior, HeroClix, SportsClix, Mage Knight, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Constructible Strategy Game and WizKids are trademarks of WizKids Inc.
Official Licensee—Major League Baseball Players Association.
Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.

FUNimation Planned Events for Otakon 2004
(Baltimore, MD, this weekend).

FUNimation Productions, Ltd., the foremost of producer and distributor of anime in North America has many planned events at Otakon 2004 that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We have many activities in store at the FUNimation Island #335:

Free posters from Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Kiddy Grade, and Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

Check out our convention exclusive Fruits Basket Kyo and Yuki fleece and Kyo knit caps. You can only buy them here! More Info

Nintendo DS Unveiled

Ninetendo may be the industry leader when it comes to the handheld gaming market, thanks to both the Game Boy and now the Game Boy Advance, but it's not about to sit on its laurels as the market heats up. That was obvious when they first announced plans for their Nintendo DS (which stands for Dual Screen), but it seems increasingly obvious that the company stands a fair chance of keeping its crown once this little baby hits the shelves.

After first being introduced at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, CA, the Nintendo DS was practically the technological belle of Nintendo's E3 ball. It received loads of attention and was recognized for being a smart move towards wireless gaming. It wasn't alone though.

Sony also decided to show off their first portable game unit, the PlayStation Portable or PSP for short. Nokia advanced their move in the market too, redesigning and relaunching the N-Gage unit with a better look and feel for the unit. Full Story

Nintendo reports doubled profits as Cube shipments surge

The low price point of the GameCube console and the launch of a number of key software titles have helped to drive Nintendo's Q1 profits to twice their 2003 level as the firm gears up for the launch of the Nintendo DS.

The Kyoto-based company reported net income of 22.6 billion Yen for the three month period ended June 30th, almost twice the 11.5 billion Yen figure which was reported in the same quarter last year.

Shipments of the GameCube during the quarter stood at 650,000 units, compared with 80,000 units a year previously, while 2.3 million units of Game Boy Advance hardware were shipped in the quarter. Full Story

Atlus plans five Nintendo DS titles

Atlus is planning to release five games for the Nintendo DS, the Japanese publisher revealed this week. Although it hasn't discussed release dates yet (which suggests that we're not looking at launch titles), it has named all five.

The games, then, are Shin Megami Tensei DS (an RPG in the popular Shin Megami Tensei series), action game Caduceus, racing games Snowboards Kids DS and Choro-Q DS (known as Gadget Racers in the States), and a board game called Jinsei-Game DS. Source

EA'S Streetball Revolution Continues with NBA STREET V3, Now in Development; Create the Future of Street Basketball in Early 2005

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 2004--Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS) announced today that NBA STREET V3 is in development and scheduled for release in early 2005 under the EA SPORTS BIG(TM) brand. The game is being produced by Electronic Arts Canada, the studio which also is home to the industry-leading NBA LIVE and NCAA(R) March Madness(TM) hoops videogame franchises.

The highly-anticipated third chapter in the multi-platinum-selling NBA STREET series rises above the rim and expands on the customization and variety of game modes and gameplay that helps distinguish the franchise within EA's rich basketball portfolio. Gamers can build their reputation as they create the future of street basketball with all-new jaw-dropping, ankle-breaking, rim-shaking moves in visually stimulating environments, from favorite courts like "The Cage" and "Rucker Park" to the next generation of streetball sanctuaries, like "Venice Beach." It all adds up to give V3 a revolutionary style all its own.

"NBA STREET V3 is a celebration of the culture and inventive style of street basketball," says Wil Mozell, senior producer for the project. "We're excited to continue to push the possibilities of customization, self-expression, and creativity in the new school revolution of hoops." Full Story

Nintendo to announce new F-Zero

Japanese retailers say Nintendo will release a new F-Zero game called F-Zero Climax on the GBA.

TOKYO--According to retailers in Japan, Nintendo will be unveiling a new F-Zero game for the Game Boy Advance next month, titled F-Zero Climax. The game is listed as one of the four titles scheduled to be on display at Nintendo’s next monthly product exhibit for distributors and retailers, which will take place during the first week of August. Climax will become the latest game in the long line of futuristic racers. Full Story

Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Fire/Leaf Pre-Order Bonus


Pre-Order Pokémon Games and Receive Exclusive Guide to the World of Pokémon

REDMOND, Wash., July 29, 2004 – Once again, it pays to be a fast-acting Pokémon® fan. Starting Aug. 1, fans and interested novices who place a deposit to reserve a copy of Pokémon FireRed or Pokémon LeafGreen for Game Boy® Advance at participating retailers will immediately receive the Pokémon Pocket Trainer's Guide – a handy reference guide for seasoned players or a tutorial for beginners. Full Story

Japan: Virtua Fighter 2 Headed To PS2

Japanese gamers get a trip in the way back machine courtesy of Sega. Details inside...

According to Japanese magazine Dorimaga, the classic Sega fighter, Virtua Fighter 2, will be the latest release in the Sega Ages 2500 series and will be available for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on October 14, 2004. Full Story

2 Game Reviews: 'MLB SlugFest Loaded,' 'Spider-Man 2'

'MLB SlugFest Loaded'
2 Stars

This is the first teen-rated game bearing Major League Baseball approval, and they might as well next produce "Bench-Clearing Brawl 2005." Or " 'Roid Rage 2006."

'Spider-Man 2'
3 1/2 stars

"Spider-Man 2" provides plenty of thrills by getting the most important thing right -- the ability to make Spidey swing, somersault and dive through the air in a fashion that, at times, will make your stomach drop.

Full Reviews

The Punisher (PS2)

Wicked interrogation scenes; two of comics' best writers are on board; fast, visceral, and violent action. Still not sure about balance and level design at this stage; the secret mystery partner acts a little stiff.

THQ's The Punisher is going to be the most violent, raucous, and brutal comic-book videogame ever released...which is what you'd expect for a game based on one of the most violent, raucous, and brutal comic-book characters ever created. Best of all, it's shaping up to be an entertaining ride too. Full Story

Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood (PS2)
From fat to thin in 60 seconds -- we look at the wonderful world of food in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It's only been a few weeks since GameSpy published its huge blowout feature on Rockstar's insanely highly anticipated PS2 title: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Full Story

Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Today we received more information on the Call of Duty consoles adaptation, Call of Duty: Finest Hour. The game takes players to the frontline of World War II on a campaign through North African, Eastern and Western fronts.

Players will have the choice of three countries to play as; namely the British, American and Russian forces, as players enlist as a raw Russian conscript, thrown into the harrowing battle of Stalingrad; take on the role of a British PPA commando sent on daring raids in North Africa; and battle Nazi tank forces throughout Belgium as an American tank commander from the famed 761st "Black Panther" Tank Battalion. The game features all new explosive missions in which players will go through terrain on-foot or in vehicles; whilst letting gamers see the events through six unique player roles, with each character carrying a personal and patriotic story to tell. Full Story

Madden NFL 2005 Collector's Edition (PS2)

Video features detailing everything about the franchise are fantastic; playing the old games brings back a rush of emotions; trivia geeks will be psyched to compete against each other; the main game is great, too. Some more of the old games would have been nice, but it's hard to find anything wrong with this one.

The Madden football franchise has been around for a long time (15 years to be exact), born in the 16-bit era, coming into its own during the 32-bit Playstation years, and blossoming into the game we now know and love. It's been a long, strange trip, and EA has given us a quality product every year. This year, they want to repay our devotion with the release of a special Madden NFL 2005 Collector's Edition. Full Story

Take heart, brainiac misfits -- being a geek is cool

While the concept of "geek chic" has been around for a few years, more and more people are using a term once considered an insult as a badge of pride. The word is so omnipresent it's been transformed into a verb and a newfangled noun prone to endless variation: "I geeked out over the extras on the DVD of `The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition"'; "watching `Alias' lifts me to the heights of geekdom"; or all-out "Geeking From My Pores," as one blogger puts it.

Geeks didn't just get lives. Some, like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, became so wealthy and influential that they tower above puny, nongeek mortals. "It's been an interesting transformation in our culture to see that the nerds and the geeks are now the ones with power," says Andy Mangels, a Portland, Ore., author and self-described geek. Full Story

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