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Pojo's Comic-con International 2004 Report
San Diego, CA Convention Center

By: Jonnyo and "V"'s Roving Reporters - San Diego

You could have gone everyday to Comic-con International’s 4 day event here in San Diego and not see everything there is to see related to comics, fantasy art, gaming, anime, film shorts, demos, tournaments, learning sessions, visits from the stars, toys, lectures, and just plain fun with other like minded gamers and enthusiasts like yourself. In short -- It had it all.

The first thing we noticed when entering the San Diego Convention Center, where the event is held every year, is the sheer volume of people. Thousands! People of all ages, all nationalities -- from every where -- all pouring into what is obviously the global Mecca of gaming and fantasy related entertainment. The second thing we noticed was that a large number of these people were dressed up as some of their favorite characters. You could see Borgs, elves, and stormtroopers.
You had the occasional Zena Warrior Princess, hubba hubba, and then... the third thing we noticed -- maybe some of them shouldn’t be dressed like that. “Hey lady! Give it up! Carrie Fischer you’re NOT!” But, they try, and they have tons of fun doing it. There is even a character masquerade ball on the last day of the event.

"V" cuddles the irresistible Pikachu

The Venue
The Convention Center itself is big, and it’s tightly jammed right into the heart of San Diego. Its location puts it within walking distance of all sorts of hotels, the waterfront, trendy restaurants all located in what is called the “Gas Lamp Quarter”, the trolley line, and even the new baseball stadium is right near by. So, if you’re interested in coming to the Convention next year, it would be a solid plan to make a whole vacation of it.
Free Stuff!
One of the benefits of conquering the crowd at an event like this is, of course, swag. We grabbed two of everything available. Posters, pins, cards, figures, stickers -- we even grabbed stuff that I was immediately, and forcefully, informed -- was not free. Crud! We had to put that stuff back before we were given a sound drubbing with a giant, plastic, glow-in-the-dark, light saber.


For TCG players, this is the place to be. Every card game available on the market today had a booth with larger then life displays of your favorite characters, cards galore, tables to practice your craft on or gain knowledge of a game you’ve always wanted to try. There were staffers on hand able to explain every nuance of the games to players of any experience level. And, plenty of people looking to sit down and give each game a good go.

A table full of Yu-Gi-Oh! duelers gets some expert advice.

Some kids try out the new MegaMan TCG.

There were also more then a few sneak peaks and introductions to gaming opportunities both brand new and coming in the very near future like Duel Masters’ newest expansion set “Rampage of the Super Warriors”, a brand new TCG called “MegaMan”, and a yet to be premiered TCG and cartoon called “Dragon Booster”.
No, not boring, chalk dust filled explanations of mitochondrial DNA or mathematical string theory. These lectures were stuff you can actually put to good use in the real world, like how to write and draw comics and go about getting them published. Or, finding out if you have what it takes to illustrate. There were lengthy talks and Q and A’s by editors, character voice over artists, even real live celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.

You could also sit in on showings of low budget movie shorts for those that enjoy the cutting stuff. Or, if you want some mainstream excitement, you could catch sneak previews of titles to open soon by the big boys like Pixar. Jessica Biel actually stopped by at one event by New Line Cinema to help preview the upcoming Blade 3. We missed that one -- DOH!

This convention is very very big. Do yourself a huuuuge favor and check out in advance on the Comic-con website all the activities that will be available before you attend future conventions. Then, wear comfortable shoes, plan your days accordingly, and get your tickets in advance when they’re available. Not planning ahead for this one was a mistake we will not be making twice.

Me, Jonnyo, getting crushed by the hugeness of Comic-con

Exhibit Booths
What can we say. Everything under the sun and tons of stuff from galaxies and dimensions yet to be fully explored. T-Shirts, old prints, new art, sculptures, toys, mint condition collectibles, unique stuff, mainstream stuff, weird stuff, if you could name it, you could get your wallet out and own it.

The big kids on the block had all kinds of action going on at their exhibits that were drawing crowds we didn’t have the patience to deal with. A massive Star Wars booth complete with a full size X-Wing fighter was in place to help them announce the last title in their Trilogy -- “Revenge of the Sith”. The staff at the Lord of the Rings booth was actually having some difficulty wrangling all the people waiting in line for God only knows what. we didn’t stick around to find out -- we were carried away by the human tide.

Total Impressions

All in all, this was no ordinary flea market of souvenirs collectable. This was an aggressive and comprehensive gathering of industry professionals to promote their wears and advance their arts. If anything in the fantasy arena holds your interest either professionally or even as a hobbiest, you will find this event worth your while to attend and suffer through the aching feat you will endure. And, hey, its a stone through from the beach. so what do you have to loose.


If you missed Comic-con this year, you missed the coolest of the cool in displays and other announcements like the soon to hit theaters mega battle between Predator and Alien


See you next year at Comic-con 2005



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