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Order 66 Still Viable?

This weeks letter comes from Mantaray55:


“Is the Bacara strategy worth running still and how is a good way to kill AT-ATs.  The things are always ruining the tournaments because almost everyone has them.  Should I use Mando supercommandos really need help on this one”.


Thanks for the letter Manta.  This is an interesting topic.  Bacara and the order 66 super stealth was very big when it first came out, but has since cooled off.  It is still a very popular fall back in big tournaments, though.  It has some very nice pros, but it also has some pretty substantial cons.


O66 SS is a great squad simply because you can shoot them, but they cannot shoot you.  It forces your opponent to advance on you, while you sit and plug away at them.  It can also have some very nice support depending on how you want to build it.  Kit Fisto can give a nice Damage ATK bonus.  Mothma can give a deathblow that makes it very dangerous to kill them.  Sevs can attack for 30DAM, and the Clone Trooper Commander can make Elite Clone Troopers a +11.  Amidala can give not only a discount to the clones, but can give them mobile attack should you run into Depa.


Now the downsides.  As I said, Depa can hose their SS status in a hurry, allowing for your opponent to open up on you.  The major problem I have always had is that the attacks of the ECTs and Sevs are only 8’s and 9’s.  They will have a hard time hitting much with any consistency, and if you don’t do damage early then you will be in trouble as it allows your enemy to be more aggressive.  If your super stealth is either compromised or your opponent gets up to you, then you run into the problem of their lack of HP.  With only 20 and 30 HP on the SS units, they wont last in a toe to toe match.


One final note is how many commanders you want to include as there a lot of good ones.  The Clone Commander helps ECTs.  General Windu gives double attack.  Depa gives much needed help against other SS squads and Nom bombs.  Mon Mothma gives the deathblow.  Amidala gives mobile and a cost discount, and Kit also gives and attack bonus.  Many of these commanders are much needed, but then you start having so many commanders that it dilutes the SS part of the squad.  The final balance is up to you.


I think it is still viable to play, but I have never liked running it, but then again I miss almost every shot with Aurra with careful shot against jedi.



As for the AT-ATs, I really don’t know what type of play structure you have, but they really are bad pieces to try and play in anything in other than a scenario.  There are two ways to beat them rather easily.  The first is stick them on a map where it cant move.  It cant be effective on any map in play except maybe Muustafar.  The second way is to simply run Jedi.  Run them down both sides of the map and get directly behind the AT-AT. At that point, once anything gets behind the AT-AT that can get over the damage reduction, it’s an auto loss for the AT-AT.  The AT-AT is a very easy piece to beat.


Mandalorians are a fun squad to run, but they are so over costed that they are not going to counter anything or be competitive in tournaments.  Run them if you like, but don’t expect great things from them.



Thanks for the email MantaRay.  I hope this helps you out.  If anyone has any questions or topics you would like me to cover drop me a line at sithdragon13@yahoo.com.  I will get to ALL emails, so if you have sent something be patient.  Its coming ;)  May the Force Be With You.


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