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A Tale of Two Emperors


This week’s email is Rytackle22:


Hello, Sith Dragon


I am having a bit of trouble deciding on a Palpatine to use.  I own both RS and Sith Lord.  I can work around both squads but I was wondering on your opinion on what kind of squads work best with both figures.  I've read both of you MotD for the figures.  Do I run and Anakin Sith Apprentice and a bunch of clones with sith lord?  Who works best with the Emperor Palpatine RS version.  Answers would be much appreciated.


Fellow SWM player,



A quick not on my last article.  I think I answered most of the Meta questions in my Top squads article on 9-4.  IF there was something else you wanted me to address, HD, then drop me a line and I will answer the rest of your letter.


Now for Ry’s email.  The two Imperial emperors may be the same character, but that is all they have in common.  They are run in completely different builds.  Let’s start with the Emperor from Rebel Storm.  He has absolutely no offensive stats what so ever.  To run him you are going to run him for two things.  First of all you have his force powers.  Between Force Lightning and Force Storm you have two very powerful force effects that can dish a ton of damage if played correctly.  There is one major problem with this though.  If you run into Thrawn, he cannot do anything.  The main reason most people use RS Emperor is for his CE.  To be able to give non-force users in your squad access to force points without making them force susceptible is huge.  Now every character in your squad that isn’t either savage or a commander can move two extra squares or reroll attacks and saves.  Any character in your squad that already has force points can now have the equivalent of force renewal as they can now draw from his renewing force points.


Squads for the Emperor are very diverse as he can fit in about anything.  Run a Vader without force renewal for the extra force.  Run a bunch of Sith witches for a squad called shock therapy.  This is a very powerful squad and is basically held in check by Thrawn’s presence in the game.  Or you can just run a bunch of bounty hunters or other creatures and use the Emperor as a force battery.  He really is quite diverse.  You can run about what you want with him.


Now for Sith Lord.  Sith Lord isn’t so diverse.  In fact if you are going to run him, it generally takes very specific squad builds.  His force powers are not so inspiring.  He has Lighting, but only Sith Lightning – nowhere near as powerful.  However, where Emperor was all force and no offense, this one is all offense and little force.  With assault and triple attack, Sith Lord is very good at dishing out damage, but in today’s game he suffers because he has no defensive abilities and a poor defensive stat.  Like the Emperor, Sith Lord has a good CE but is very situational as it only brings in O66 characters to the empire.


A couple of extras that make Sith Lord a bit better are Governor Tarkin and betrayal.  Tarkin allows Sith Lord to gain quadruple attack.  With his Lightsaber Assault, he can dish the damage.  Also, Tarkin can basically add +4 to his Defense by using his doctrine of fear.  Everyone hates Boba’s disintegration, but in playing Sith Lord, you can steal your opponent’s character if they roll a 1 while attacking him (betrayal).  This can be a lot of fun even though it’s only a 1:20 chance, but then you have to keep Sith Lord alive once the character betrays or you lose said character.


Squads For Sith Lord generally run in two forms.  If you pair him with Thrawn, you get a squad that can overcome his lack of defense by swapping him in and out of places (gray and blue as I call it).  This really draws on his offense, especially when you pair him with either Lord Vader or Jedi Hunter.  The only other squad you are really going to run him in is a squad where you want to bring in O66 characters.  This usually entails Bacara and Thrawn.  Outside of that though, you really don’t want to use this guy.  He is very fragile.



I hope that gives you some ideas on what separates them.  Which one you want to use really depends on what you want to do.  If you have any further questions let me know.  If anyone has any questions or topics you would like me to cover, drop me a line at sithdragon13@yahoo.com.  I will get to ALL emails, so if you have sent something be patient. 



May the Force Be With You.



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