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Ask the Dragon
"the 10 best republic Minis"

Ask the Dragon

We kick off my new section, Ask the Dragon, with an email from Jonathan:

“What is in you're opinion, the 10 best republic Minis?  And I'm wondering what some good additions to my republic units would be.  I have an Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Master, two clone troopers and a flash speeder.”

Thanks for the opening email, Frank.  Sitting down and making this list was actually harder than I thought it would be.  There are some definite no brainers that jump to the top, but as you get towards the bottom ten, you get several pieces that start jockeying for position.  I came up with a list of ten figures, and an honorary five.  I then was going to rank them.  Again the top is fairly well clear cut, but after the top few it gets hard because they all have their own niches.  These are just going to be by set release instead.  So here is my top 10+5 Republic Figures! 

1)     Yoda (CS) – With the increases in save abilities from missiles/grenades to block/deflect, CS Yoda has seen a big rise in playability because of his CE.  His force cancel has also become bigger with all of the  big jedi running around.

2)     Padme Amidala (CS) – Padme is one of the most overlooked figures in the game.  Her ability to turn jedi or the power shooters into one big mass of hit points makes squads very hard to beat.  With the growing popularity of grenade swarms, though, she does not hold the market she used to, but she is still a very playable piece and can up almost any squads playability.  Just make sure you get a CS Agen Kolar to go with her.

3)     Kit Fisto (CS)/Tarfful (RotS) – I am going to cheat here and lump these two together because they are here for the same reason.  The big playability here also comes from CEs.  Both Kit and Tarfful grant a +4 to attack, but under different circumstances.  Being able to boost a Sev, JWM or following Jedi by four can make your offense much more deadly.  Tarfful is the more popular because he is cheaper, but Kit is making a surge lately.  If deciding which to use, ask yourself this – are you using it for shooters?  Then use Kit.  If you are using Jedi, then use Tarfful.

4)     Mon Mothma (RotS) – Thanks to a certain blue buddy, this former bucket bottom dweller has become not only a very powerful piece, but also one of the best counters to Black & Blue.  Her death shot doubles the offense of most squads she is put in.

5)     R2-D2 ( RotS) – the trashcan, as referred to frequently by players, is perhaps the single best piece for the Republic.  Jedi should not be run without him.  Override is a big factor in DCI 150 point tournaments, and being able to tow a Jedi for an unmolested triple is just huge.

6)     Clone Commander Bacara (CotF) – Bacara single-handedly changed the metagame of SWM.  His super stealthed commandos became THE squad to play after the release of Champions, and while it has died down now, it is still a powerful squad.

7)     General Windu(CotF) – A powerful Windu that is only a RARE!  Not only is he a very powerful fighter, but his CE has been stretched to manipulate almost any character’s attacks.  Any character that can make the CS jedi at least playable has to be good.

8)     Queen Amidala (CotF) – Another Padme, another great piece.  Not only does she grant mobile to the non-unique republic characters, but with her Rapport she usually ends up costing ten points or less.  Looking at her cost like that, she also brings some very nice offense.  She is a must for infantry.

9)     JWM (CotF) – This piece is about as versatile as you get.  When he was previewed before CotF, it was feared that he would break the game.  While it is a very powerful piece subject to any number of powerful CEs, he is hardly as game breaking as was feared.  Still, he is an awesome piece that can increase the power of any squad.

10) Mas Amedda(CotF) – The greatest character that everyone loves to hate.  It doesn’t get anymore ground breaking than Mas.  He has made a great many commanders that were previously unplayable very powerful contributors to the game.  It was his addition to Thrawn squads, though, that  seemed to unbalance the game.  He makes most commanders now playable.

Honorary Five

- Captain Typho/naboo soldiers (CS) – Cheap bodyguards that not only protect key targets, but also increase your activations

- Depa Billaba (CotF) – Never underestimate her Vaapad fighting, especially with her master, Gen Windu, granting her a triple.  But that isn’t why she is here.  Her anti stealth abilities make her the best counter to O66 super stealth and Nom Bombs.

- Qui-Gons (CS/CotF) – take your pick.  CS Qui-Gon has actually worked his way back into playability thanks to his surprise move and force absorb.  Yet Master Qui-Gon brings a ton of great powers as well, on top of his force spirit.

- Other Windus (CS/RotS/CotF) – um, yeah…..pick one and you will not go wrong.  While everyone has a favorite, Mace is just a very powerful piece, and all three versions are very powerful and playable.

- Luminara Unduli(CS) – Here is a Jedi that has worked her way back into some squads for basically one reason.  Her master speed allows her to keep up with R2, Master Qui-Gon and Gen Windu.  Combined with Sweep, she is a piece worth getting your hands on.

Well, there you go, Jonathan.  Those are what I see as the top Republic figures to build a squad around.  I hope that helps you out some.  It all depends on what you want to build, so as an ancient Knight once said – choose wisely. ;)  As for your Master Kenobi, if you want to run him, You really have to add Anakin, Jedi Knight.  After that it is up to your playing style as to what to add.

Send any questions you have to sithdragon13@yahoo.com

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5


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