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Top Characters in 100pt Format

This week’s letter comes from Eric:


Hey Sith Dragon, I was wondering if you could give us a list of the best, possibly top-ten, minis to play in a 100-point tourney match.




Quite honestly, Eric, I do not know that there are 10 Minis that can be played in the 100pt format.  When played for fun, and the big guns are ignored, the 100 point format can be fun, but in competitive play, there are only a small handful of characters that will give you a shot at winning.  For those of you that read the Mini of the day, you will notice that most figures get a no pass on the 100pt format.  Here are some of the top figures in no particular order:


1)       Bane – Bane was one of the first to put the death lock on the 100pt format.  With 200 HP, a monster attack and damage, master of the force 2 and a slew of force powers, most squads simply can’t cause enough damage to take Bane down.


2)       Vader Jedi Hunter – He used to be a good choice, but he has problem keeping up with Bane’s power output.  Vader’s advantage is he can bring in a probe droid, but he has to be based and win initiative in order to get his triple in, where Bane can dance around and still do tons of damage.


3)       Lord Vader – All offense and no defense, he lacks Bane’s overwhelming power, but has such an offensive punch that it may only take one won initiative to destroy Bane.  He will have some problem if you lose map choice and end up on an open map.


4)       Exar Kun – He does not have the overwhelming damage or the HP of Bane (but close), but he has a very nice defense, and a very nice bag of tricks.  Lightsaber assault and triple are nice, but its his transfer essence that makes him deadly.  He can transfer in a couple times for triples before your opponent can do anything.  A good opponent will guard against it, but it is still a hard tactic to stop.


5)       Han Solo, RH – Han is the lone character who can effectively work as a commander in the 100-point format.  His prime build pairs him with a power shooter, but there are some build that are experimenting with him and the twins.  If you win initiative, the twins, backed up by Han, can cause a whole lot of damage.  While its pretty much the case in any 100point format game, you are really a slave to the first fighting initiative.  Win it, and the game is most likely yours.  Lose it and you are finished.


6)       Boba, BH – Paired with Han, you get one sick figure that is both highly mobile and can dish out a ton of damage.  You also have the chance to end the game in a single roll.


7)       Boba Fett/Aurra Sing – I pair these two together because they have both been replaced by Boba, BH, but they are still good characters.  Fett lacks the mobility of his other version and Aurra lacks a second attack, but both are still good when paired with Han, RH.


8)       R2-D2 – Not too many Republic figures run very well in 100pts right now, but if you are going to run them, R2 is a must.  The mobility he can give your Jedi is just too good to pass up.  That and he can really mess with doors if your opponent is either not prepared for, or has lost their door control.


9)       Yoda, CS – The Clone Strike Version of Yoda, has actually found a home in the 100pt format.  With all of the force users out there, he cuts down on their ability to use force powers.  He is also cheap and allows for some other nice pieces, like the JWM and R2.  He is a tactical piece more than an offensive piece, but played well, he can really hold his own.


10)   Jango Fett – What does every figure on this list have in common?  With the exception of Boba, every last one has a force rating, making for some prime targets for the Jedi hunting Fett.  To use him, you will need R2 to help him move and keep his double, but if you can get in some good shots off early, your opponent could have some problems.



Thanks for the email Eric.  I hope this top ten list helps you out.  The 100pt format post BH is actually more wide open than any other point in play history.  It is still a very narrow field with little creativity compared to the other formats, but you now have a few more choices.  If anyone has any questions or topics you would like me to cover, drop me a line at sithdragon13@yahoo.com.  I will get to ALL emails, so if you have sent something be patient.  It’s coming ;) 


May the Force Be With You.


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