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Skiff Skipping


Sorry this next article has taken so long.  With my wife back in school, my sleep and time are at a premium.  That and I was dreading this article a bit.  Today’s Article is from Phenix:


Since the new expansion will feature a rebel Hoth transport, I guess its time for me to learn how to use the other one we already have, the Skiff with nikto gunner. 

 I know that there are builds which play the Skiff with a Chewie with bodyguard, and that there has been quite a lot of heated rule clarifications, But what is the best way to work this into you army??

Well, I can say I know you answer WON'T be its raport with Jabba...  =)


Thanks for the letter phenix.  You are correct that playing it has nothing to do with its rapport.  In fact I would say that rapport is one of the worst abilities in the game.  Amidala is the only one that makes good use of rapport.  The best way to play the skiff you ask?  Its simple – DON’T!  It is an absolute nightmare, not only to make rulings on, but to play as well.  Stick it on your desk, computer, whatever, and enjoy the gorgeous sculpt and call it good.  However, since that isn’t why you read these articles, lets see what I can give you.


Low cost commanders:  These can be nice because the skiff makes the area of the CE much bigger (skiff base+5), and it wont matter as much if you lose the commander.


Bodyguards: Yes bodyguards are essential if you wish to transport a high cost or highly important figure, it is essential that you allow yourself to move the skiff to the appointed spot and have a chance to disembark your passenger before the skiff goes down.


Rodian Black Sun Vigo: This guy gets his own blurb because he can really help passengers as well as the skiff.  If you can keep the skiff within range, he can make it so followers can’t be picked off by accurate shot.  If you can keep something in front of the skiff, the skiff cant be targeted either.


CS Yoda:  If you have ever played evading Jedi or rolled saves for grenades and the like, you know that sometimes one reroll just isn’t enough.  Using CS Yoda gives you that extra reroll for passengers and if he happens to be on it, then he can reroll several times as well.  The last thing you want is to lose a 50+ point piece because it failed the save roll from a dying skiff.


Honestly, stick with the troop cart where possible.  It is so much better than the skiff in every way.  The distance+1 of the skiff has caused lots of rulings that judges have nightmares about.  You might think that by running the skiff in last, you will have plenty of time to get your characters off before it bites the dust, but trust me, in today’s game, there is enough damage output to drop this piece in the blink of an eye.  If you insist on using it, be extremely careful…and bring some Alka-Seltzer for the judge. ;)


 I hope this helps some.  In fun games it might be okay to give it a go, but I would keep this piece away from tourneys.  Next article we will talk some Sith.  If anyone has any questions, just send me an email at sithdragon13@yahoo.com.  I will get to ALL emails, so if you have sent something be patient. 


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