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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Messenger of Peace

Card Number - MRL-102

Average Rating = 3.57 based on 6 reviews

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - October 2, 2002

wartortle32 Wednesday - messenger of peace

This is one of my most favorite cards in the magic ruler set.  For now, this will be the substitute until gravity bind comes out (my most favorite card).  This
card will prevent any monster with more than 1500 ATK from attacking.

Obviously, this card is for stall decks, namely Exodia.  If you're playing exodia, this is one of the few cards in magic ruler that helps you.  If you can keep this card out and protect it with magic jammers, you can stall till you pull exodia.  (though I advise from playing exodia until pharoah's servant comes out)
Now the down side.  You have to pay 100 LP per standby phase.  So what?  100 LP is a joke.  10 turns of stalling for only 1000LP?  This price really shouldn't even be considered at all.  (though for gravity bind, you dont have to pay anything, which is why it's my favorite)

However, this certainly is not for most decks.  Most decks right now are beatdown, and this will definitely help to slow those decks down.

I give this card a 3.5/5.  If you're playing exodia, get at least 2 of these and throw it in your deck quick.  But if stalling is not your purpose, stay away
from this and get some mystical space typhoons to counter it. 


Scott Gerhardt
The cards is a great stall mechanism.  It is certainly worth it if that's what you're trying to do.  The ability to hold off fatties (most everything that is played in an aggro deck) long enough to find a board-clearing mechanism (Dark Hole, Rageki, etc..) or to find Exodia pieces sure is awful nice.  There are several cards that could really ruin your day, but that's the game, right?  It has it's place in decks - that's for sure.
Rating:  4
Current Price: $12 1st Ed, $10 Unlimited
Yonex Messenger of Peace -- Wednesday

Introduction: Oh you have a big army, oh I just have this one card, it's
called Messenger of Peace!! Noooooooo!

Continous Magic
You must pay 100 Life Points at each of your Standy Phase, if you cannot
pay, this card is destroyed. All monsters with an ATK points of 1500 or more
channot attack.

Why should you use it?
*Get rid of those pesky 1500 and plus monsters.
*Misely 100
*Destroy whenever you wish

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Your 1500 + cannot attack.
(all i can think of)

Reasons: Well thank you Nick, we get another evil card. I love this card,
but hate to face against it, it's a very annoying card, and easily abused.
Oh yeah to clarify things, it is only 100 not 1000. This card stops all
1500+ monsters from attacking, that leaves Dark Elf, La Jinn, fish, etc from
attacking. The only way I saw to destroy this would be to use magic spells,
which if they got you in a bigger lock, it's unstoppable. The misely 100
won't hurt you at all, I doubt that 100 is going to cost you at the begging
of the game. Maybe at the end, but still a good card. Finally, this is one
of the cards where you may "optionally" decide to destroy this card, which
makes it even more nastier! Well now the negative points, only one. It
effects everyone. Well not much to say, other than it should be restricted.

Rating: Another superb card. I think this would be a high rating due to how
much destruction it can cause, so I would give it a rating of 4.5. Total
obbliteration. If this card only effected your opponent(s), it would get a
10+. Well this is a good card, pretty broken in my opinion.

Conclusion: YoNeX goes gets a Master Stapler Gun 5000. This card will be
stapled a billons times, before I run out of staples. Bwhahahahah

SomeGuy An Exodia based deck's best friend. Not many decks rely on small monsters to attack, which in turn allows Messanger of Peace to be longer lasting Swords of Revealing Light.

The downside is that in turn, your 1500+ monsters can't attack either. Exodia decks bypass this because they don't normally run many (If any) attacking monsters. For a rough draft of a control based Exodia deck, take a look in my garage.

There are some other decks that can potentially abuse this card also, but Exodia does it the best in my opinion.

Rating: 3.5/5

It's Wednesday, and we're going to look at a popular card, Messenger of Peace.
Card Text:
Continuous Magic
You must pay 100 Life Points at each of your Standby Phases. If you cannot pay, this card is destroyed. All monsters with an ATK of 1500 or more cannot attack.
This card is probably the most important card in the new burner varient, known as the "weenie burner".  The goal of the weenie burner is to hit hard and fast with the low attack power direct damage attackers (Jinzo #7, Rainbow Flower, etc.) and Cannon Soldier.  Since they would be destroyed under normal circumstances the turn after they are played, we use Messenger of Peace to shut down the opponent's attackers (in other words, almost any beatdown monster), and peg away at their Life Points.  If you are playing a weenie burner, you must pack 3 of these.  Exodia decks will also gobble this guy up.
Should YOU play it?
Weenie burners need 3 of them.  Beatdown decks would be stupid to play them.  Exodia should play them to at least shut down the opponent's attacks (it can't do anything against the discard cards until we get Reserves in English Pharaoh's Servant).
Messenger of Peace gets a 3.6.  It's one of the best stall cards in the game, but you do need to be aware of Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon.  They will ruin your plans in a second.
If you're using an Exodia deck this is the card you've been waiting for. It
will keep your opponent from runing you over to buy you the time you need.
Besides that this card is not that great because unless you're using a combo
deck this card will keep you from taking down your opponent too. >,<

Rating 2.3


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