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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG: Card of the Day

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I'm Calling You Out!

Dark Tournament Set

Reviewed 2.03.2005

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.5


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.



I'm Calling You Out

Yet another strong card.  Calling pulls an opponents Character into the arena.  It has the abbility to bring out a different character, if the current one your opponent has out is too strong, or it can save it for later, an easy kill.  Either way, for 2 spirit, i don't see a downside.  Problem is, kings are becoming more popular, which makes this card obsolette.
Overall:4 of 5


I'm Calling You Out:

More disruption. This, and it's g-less cousin, can singlehandedly break a game wide open. Most teams run one or more characters with a helpful sideline effect (either Kirin, Itsuki pre-errata, Suzaku, Yoko, team symbol giving Kurama, Raizen, Raizen Yusuke, etc), and a good number of these lack fighting power. Calling one up earlygame can win a game there and then. Even then, it can upend a bad matchup, and pull you into a better one. If you have either of these, you run them, no questions asked.

In limited, they're just as good. If you get lucky enough to pull either, run them.

Constructed 5/5

Limited 5/5


I'm Calling/Callin' you out!

A little controversy over the titles in the beginning, but a great addition from both the Ghost files set and the Dark tournament set. This card can be a blessing or a curse depending on which side of it you are on. That new Betrayal Yusuke giving you a problem? Or maybe a ronin deck with Koorime? No problem, just drop that 2 spirit and call them out. Now they have to put their money where their sideline effect is and see if they still have a chance.


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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