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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG Prelude: Card of the Day

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Kayko's Promise

Base Set

Reviewed 11.18.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.80


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.



Kayko's Promise S105/176 Pay 2 spirit: Name a non-character card. Neither player may use that card until the match ends. For the remainder of the match, your opponent may discard the top 5 cards of his deck at the end of his turn to end this effect. Event
This card has a lot of promise.  Stop the use of a card that is really doing some damage to you for the match.  It can also be used to help deck your opponent if they feel they need to get rid of the effect by discarding top 5.  All in all, I don't feel it is uber great but it is a good card that in the right deck can help save the game. You can discuss this  further with me and others in #yuyutcg on irc.creativeirc.net if you wish.  All are welcome at anytime. 


 Kayko's Promise basically blanks the text on any non-char card, keeping both players from gaining from the bonuses till your opponent turns off the Promise or until someone wins the match. This sounds like a good ability but it's hardly a lockdown. First of all they can still play the card, they just dont get any effects.

Naming an item with promise only effects the field for one of your turns and one of your opponents. If you name Armor of Clay, then if they play an Armor Of Clay on thier turn at the end they can pay the 5 cards and the Armor's bonus kicks in again.

Naming a technique has the same effect, your opponent can't use it next turn, and if it gives an active bonus like Spirit Shield or Death Tree it cancels the bonus for those turns.

If you name an event card then you probably won't get an edge from the Promise at all seeing as discarding cards in this game is basically the way to pay for about half the costs in the game. And they can still use events that last "till thier next draw step" if they pay the cost or end the match before then.

Not that turning off a card for a turn is a really bad power but there are better cards for it. Kayko's promise is versatile though as it can effect three different card types, but it doesnt "deal" with them for a long enough time. The best decks that can use it are deck attack decks so your opponent may think twice about wrecking the top 5 of his deck, but there's better choices for those decks.

Overall 2 out of 5


My name is Michael Wistrand


Kayko's Promise

The lack of control cards in Yu Yu makes what few do exist (Theft in the Dark, Halt!, and Kayko's Promise) especially valuable in any deck. Opponent's that rely too heavily on one card or strategy can be seriously hurt by this card, and the reliance on general staples by most decks (Power Strike, for example) makes it valuable in any situation.

The named card cannot be played by either player, so it takes some forethought to use this card effectively, or you may hurt yourself as much as your opponent. Plan ahead! Also, keep in mind KP prevents anyone from USING a card, not PLAYING it. If you KP and name Backyard Dummy, your opponent can still play Backyard Dummy, he just can't use it while KP is in effect.

There are two specific case rulings that anyone playing Kayko's Promise should know about. First, if you play Kayko's Promise and name "Halt!", your opponent can still Halt! your Kayko's Promise (it's an Event, after all). However, if your Kayko's Promise naming Halt! is not immediately countered, the KP resolves normally and neither player may play Halt! for the remainder of the match.

Second, if you play KP and name itself - nothing happens. Or, rather, the KP cancels itself and it's as if it was never played - except you have 2 less Spirit and 1 less card in your hand.

Probably the best use for Kayko's Promise is in a Discard Deck. In this case, KP is even better than Halt! for control, because you're either stopping your opponent from using a key card or you're costing him 5 extra discards. Either way, it's good for you!

Rating: 3.5/5 (4.5 in a Discard Deck)

Listen to,

PetitHarrier Kayko's Promise
If you know DBZ CCG very well, this card is Yu Yu Hakusho's 'Caught Off Guard Drill'. When you play this card you can name another card (even itself). Neither player may use that card until the match ends. However, either player may choose to discard the top 5 cards of their deck to ignore this until the end of the turn. Discard decks love this. Remove a key card and force the opponent to choose between LOSING it, or helping you deck them. Also, Beatdown decks could use this against threat cards, but the discarding becomes less useful. Also, this card can keep your opponent from using ALREADY PLAYED cards, so items can be targeted too. Very nice, but not for everyone.

4/5 Deck/Hand Destruction
2/5 Beatdown

Average 3/5


Kayko's Promise:
A pretty good card. Can shut down some decks, but its not that great
otherwise. Some decks, such as a decking deck, would need this card to name
things such as unconscious.



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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